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What does more damage to the lungs, marijuana or cigarettes? Study’s answer is- Nation World News

In Chile, marijuana consumption is permitted only in case of diseases such as epilepsy or rheumatic pain. However, we are the third country in the world that consumes the most marijuana despite a ban on cultivation for recreational use.

Now a new study published in a specialized journal radiology states that Cannabis can cause more lung damage than tobacco. Researchers suggest that smoking marijuana It can be more harmful than people think.

The study, conducted by the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Hospital, Chest radiographs of 56 cannabis smokers, 57 nonsmokers, and 33 tobacco smokers were compared between 2005 and 2020.

they figured it out emphysema It was more common in marijuana smokers than in people who didn’t smoke.and more common among marijuana smokers who were 50 or older than among tobacco-only smokers.

the scan showed 75% of marijuana smokers had emphysema. Only 70% of tobacco-only smokers had emphysema, compared to 5% of non-smokers.

Furthermore, he found Paraseptal emphysema, a subtype of the disease that affects the outermost parts of the lungs, was more common in marijuana smokers. compared to those who smoked only tobacco, regardless of age.

Paraseptal emphysema is a disease of the alveoli (small air sacs) in the lungs, which are responsible for taking in oxygen and removing carbon dioxide. When the alveoli swell abnormally, their walls are damaged and breathing becomes difficult.

“When they’re damaged, small holes form in the lungs and gas exchange doesn’t work as well,” says study co-author Dr. Gisele Reva said.

another finding was Marijuana smokers had more cases of airway inflammation compared to those who smoked only cigarettes or did not smoke at all.

“Marijuana smoking is on the rise and there is a perception that marijuana is safe, or that it is safer than cigarettes,” Gisele Reva told AFP. “But this study raises fears that this is not true,” Added.

Doctors suspect that there are several reasons why marijuana may cause more damage to the lungs than tobacco, and that it may be due to the consumption of both substances.

First of all is the way to consume it. Although both are snorted, unlike cigarettes, marijuana is smoked without a filter. In the absence of filters, the particles reach the respiratory tract faster, accumulate there and become irritating.

There is also a mode of consumption, which refers to the puffs of smoke, which in the case of marijuana, experts point out, are higher than those of traditional cigarettes.

“people usually take big puffs and hold the smoke prolonged exposure to marijuana in the lungs, Which can create more trauma in those airspaces.”Revah said.

Because of some of the study’s limitations, health experts say it’s difficult to directly compare the risks of tobacco and marijuana. 50 out of 56 marijuana smokers also smoked tobaccoAnd the study authors didn’t take into account the participants’ other health conditions.

In addition, some lung scans have returned inconclusive results, meaning more studies are needed. “There is little research on the effects of cannabis on general health, as it is banned in most countries”said the radiologist.


In addition, participants who smoked had an average intake of about 1.85 grams per day, although less than half of smokers specified their daily use. And the study only included tobacco smokers age 50 or older who smoked at least one pack a day for 25 years.

Therefore, the results in Canada are only a sample of what may prove to be the future, as marijuana has been legal for recreational use in that country for less than five years.

Still, the study warns about what it could be and suggests that marijuana is not without risk.

“There’s certainly a concern that we’re going to see another generation of lung disease related to these behaviors.”American Lung Association Chief Medical Officer Dr. Albert Rizzo said.

The association spoke in favor of further research on the consequences of marijuana smoking, but maintained that smoking is harmful to lung health and that the drug “has been shown to contain many of the same toxins, irritants and carcinogens as marijuana.” Has gone.” Tobacco”.

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