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What foods and drinks should be avoided in order not to make the face fat?

The face starts glowing when there is a significant increase in the accumulation of fat. Although they are rich to taste, you have to be careful not to exceed the consumption of foods that produce it.

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The first product to feature on this list is a drink that goes best with food and is present at family gatherings: wine. A study conducted by Qassim University of Saudi Arabia indicates that This liquid contains large amounts of sugar, pesticides and sulfites. These three elements combined do not suit the shape of the face.

Furthermore, when alcohol is consumed, it accelerates the dehydration of the body, as the body loses water and forces the liver to work harder. So, If a person consumes too much alcohol, it is likely that they will have stomach problems the next day (in addition to a headache).

Continuous and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol will increase the size of the face, as well as accelerate the process of wrinkling and bring with it a dull and red complexion. On the other hand, in old age it can become a trigger for the build-up of intestinal bacteria. Abstaining from alcohol or other forms of alcohol consumption for at least a three-week period avoids these complications. With that said, it is important to drink alcohol in moderation.

Milk Coffee
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One of the never-missing products from the breakfast table may be the face fad. the study Facts and misconceptions about acne from Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, United States, it maintains This food consumed without any limit leads to acne and pimples in the lower part of the face, especially on the chin. This is because it contains precursors of testosterone, which contribute to the appearance of acne.

On the other hand, excessive consumption can lead to discolouration of the face, as it increases the process of loss of enzymes, which parallels the passage of years. Milk approximates this process more, as lactose enters the body more easily due to fewer enzymes.

Finally, the study also suggests that if you exceed your intake, The face will become plump, with a swollen appearance and with pale skin. When a person shows these symptoms in their body, it is recommended that they stop eating dairy foods for a few weeks.

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As mentioned with wine, sugar is the number one enemy of the face, as it makes it fat., When a person exceeds its consumption, be it in drinks, sweets or other products; You are unknowingly speeding up glycation. This process is the unlimited entry of glucose molecules, which adhere to the collagen and make elasticity impossible.

Therefore, when there is no regulation, acne, wrinkled skin, bags under the eyes, pale skin and weight gain are the results. You can consume sugar as per your limit, however it is recommended to replace some products with it for other free ones.

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The Hospital de Clínicas Dr. Manuel Quintela of Uruguay has indicated this in his report Dermatitis herpetiformis as a gluten-induced extraintestinal manifestation in celiac disease. that of 2022 The onset of the condition dermatitis herpetiformis and gluten intolerance go hand in hand. This disease is the appearance of rashes on the skin, producing blisters and bumps that cause intolerable itching. Additionally, it changes the shape of the face, enhancing the cheeks and double chin.

Foods with a large amount of gluten are: wheat, rye, oats (in some cases in the dishes) and barley. With regard to beverages, it is found in: beer, whiskey and vodka. These products can be regulated or, failing that, can be replaced with a fast carbohydrate diet,

On the other hand, studies from Uruguay show Drink water instead to eliminate excess facial fat, although he clarifies that drinking water may not directly benefit weight loss, but it will help eliminate toxins present in the body. Which are direct agents of weight gain.

The consumption of fiber accelerates the metabolism and allows the undoing of fats that the body does not need, since this only causes weight gain, it is recommended to consume cereals rich in fiber.

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