What is a 1 peso coin sold for almost 700 thousand pesos?

What is a 1 peso coin sold for almost 700 thousand pesos?

Buying and selling coins has become a repetitive activity, and on digital platforms and electronic commerce sites they are sold at very high prices. The obvious example of this is the old 1 peso coin, which sold for 700,000.

Many times, their cost is more than their value, although not all coins are sold at a high price, some have no value at all.

Their price depends on various factors, such as their condition, if they are commemorative or if they present some kind of error or printing.

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On a popular e-commerce platform, this 1 peso coin is sold for around 700.00, so run and find it, because even if it won’t make you a millionaire, it will be a great help to pay off any debt , credit cards or even invest in it or treat yourself to something.

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What is a 1 peso coin?

The old 1 peso coin, which sells for around 700,000 pesos, was produced between 1970 and 1983 by the Mint, and features the effigy of José María Morelos y Pavón, better known as ‘The Servant of the Nation’.

It is one of the most abundant pieces produced in Mexico, because during the 13 years it was produced, 2,675 million copies were put into circulation. This coin is made of a copper-nickel alloy.

The 1 peso coin with the number of José María Morelos y Pavón, has a weight of 9 grams, a diameter of 19 millimeters, with a fluted edge.

On its reverse, Morelos appears in profile, facing left, with the legend “Un Peso” and the year of minting below. On the obverse, the National Shield appears in sculptural relief, with the legend United Mexican States.

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