What is a 100 dollar bill sold for 22 million pesos for a star?

star ticket

North American banknotes are the most sought after by collectors and not just because of their face value.. Full of symbolism and mystery, the 100 dollar bill is one of the most coveted and there is one that, on the Internet, is sold for no less than 22 million pesos.

Even though the blue dollar is falling in our country, There are some tickets that seem to increase in price. And here it doesn’t matter if they have a small face or a big face, they have a little difference.

Especially banknotes that can be offered as collectibles are revalued. There are many publications of copies that seem to have no relevant particulars, however, this 100 dollar bill is really unique.

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This is the 100 dollar bill sold for 22 million pesos

In the world of numismatics there are collectors who look for pieces with printing errors. It was changed into extraordinary things, but They do not always have value: it depends on the type of failure, its uniqueness and supply and demand.

In that sense, When the failed dollars hit the streets and were found by the Federal Reserve, they were replaced by an identical bill, but with a star in the serial number.. It’s usually one or five dollars, but this is different.

At Mercado Libre, One user sold a $100 “small face” bill with a star numbering it, indicating it was a replacement. The owner is asking for no less than 22 million pesos a little more than 22 thousand dollars in today’s price.

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“100 dollar bill on the small side with a star at the top of the number. (Twin)” indicates in the publication’s description, in addition to free shipping nationwide.