What is Cathy Fulop’s demanding routine to look good?

What is Cathy Fulop's demanding routine to look good?

With an impeccable figure and a new smile, Cathy Fulop, At the age of 58, she continues to be the benchmark of beauty and health in Argentina. The Venezuelan, who has won over everyone with his dedication to body care, reveals that his approach goes beyond aesthetics. “More than worrying about my health and beauty, I take care of myself,” she said.

Through her Instagram account (@fulopcatherine), Cathy Fulop shared her daily workout and motivation routine, revealing that there are no magical secrets behind her svelte figure. In a recent post, she encouraged her followers by saying, “In the gym, we don’t sweat. Do we glow?”

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Fulop’s routine is a balance between weight sessions, aerobics, and functional work. He shares a complete circuit on his account, from the bicycle warm-up to specific exercises for the legs, tail, upper body, and cardio. The host of “Tardes Bellas” shows that persistence and dedication are the keys to staying in shape.

Behind every training session, Fulop has the guidance of his personal trainer, whom he affectionately calls Rocko “the torturer.” This trusted coach is a fundamental part of your constant quest for strength and power.

The detailed routine includes everything from a warm-up with 10 minutes of cycling to specific exercises such as the press, flat bench press, triceps dip with dumbbells, and biceps exercises (open-legged press, then closed-legged press: 20, 15, 12, and 10 repetitions; you will increase the weight as the sessions go by). Finally, the day ends with two minutes of cycling at top speed.

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Catherine Fulop, an Argentine at heart, shows that health has no age and encourages her followers to participate in this healthy life. Through her social networks, she shares her philosophy of well-being and becomes an inspiration to all who seek to shine with energy and vitality.