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What is DeSci, a revolution in science and medicine with Blockchain?

DeSci is an abbreviation of “Decentralized Sciences” or Decentralized Sciences, an ecosystem that combines industrial and medical science with emerging technologies as a barrier. The decentralization of scientific research can outline new models of collaboration and fostering citizen-scientific communication. This could fuel a scientific revolution like computing. At first, few understood how the software or text worked. However, due to the simplicity and accessibility of software development and coding packages, assistive technology has become valuable. The same thing can happen with medical knowledge through blockchain and the internet.

Desci, The Intersection Of Science And Medicine On The Blockchain

What is DeSci?

Like economics, the medical science industry has the potential to be an impediment to expanding research and development efforts and managing medical data in an accessible, secure, and transparent manner. DeSci is a movement to bring science and medicine to the Web3 through a new open and decentralized infrastructure. Its main purpose is to provide companies related to medical science with direct access to funding sources, as well as to allow the symbolization and democratization of scientific intellectual property.

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When you talk about blockchain technology, you think of financial transactions with immutable cryptocurrencies and tokens on a distributed ledger. However, the use cases of this new technology go beyond economic and financial ones. Over the years, many companies and organizations from different industries have begun to explore the potential of blockchain and innovation. The science and medical industry is no exception. Its companies, institutions and professionals have joined the adoption of blockchain as a key tool to improve their processes, but also to transform the industry in general medicine.

For example, the American pharmaceutical Pfizer or even the American health insurance company UnitedHealthcare, use blockchain to optimize the management of medical data, in addition to promoting and developing projects and ensuring the availability and accessibility of medical advances. The Mayo Clinic also encourages research and clinical practice through its involvement in encouraging studies and trials. It is our goal to keep the collected data separate, transparent and unchangeable. DeSci starts from the premise of decentralizing the block chain.

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In this sense, companies that are part of medical science are starting to connect with native Web3 companies to accelerate the inclusion of blockchain technology. As a result of this cooperation, initiatives and organizations such as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) have arisen, which seek to promote the construction of knowledge in the Internet industry.

A map of the DeSci ecosystem

UltraRare Bio, a collective of the intersection of block science, has published a map with the projects and organizations that make up the DeSci ecosystem. This map shows DAOs, foundations, scientific communities and other initiatives for education, publication, financing and data storage related to decentralized science. These projects, which we will mention below, use DAOs, DeFi, NFTs and Web3 to explore possibilities that have not been possible until now.


Within the Desci ecosystem, a variety of DAOs with different scientific objectives are emerging. Many of these decentralized organizations have a purpose to carry out a series of scientific research, financing and education. For example Athena DAO educational initiatives and improved funding and access to research in women’s health. CryoDAO promotes cryopreservation research. GenomesDAO maintains a biotechnological approach and aims to monetize genomic data through blockchain. MedDAO builds a decentralized network of medical knowledge. NewAtlantis promotes the protection and care of marine biodiversity. TheScienceDAO It consists of medical science experts and organizations that are trying to promote the adoption and application of emerging technologies. VitaDAO community is a collective fund that is engaged in long-term research.

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Science ecosystems and open science

In the classification of “scientific ecosystems”, UltraRare Bio mentions DeSci’s projects in solving real problems in the scientific industry. Among the most representative works in this area are: Bio_xyzwhich promotes the development of biotechnology in a decent way. Desci Foundation which encourages the construction of certain, clear, and accessible knowledge through hindrance. The Desci Academythe academy incorporates non-technical users into the DeSci ecosystem to create the next generation of scientists. OS Framework which promotes openness and reproducibility in science. AUT DeepChemfocused on open source medicine.

I will not waste it

Block technology can also change how institutions, companies and scientific organizations can access funding. Through tokenization, medical science can involve and engage new actors in its processes for additional resources. projects like AntidoteDAO They are using blockchain and the Internet to finance projects related to cancer research. BeakerDAO is a collective investment created to support innovation at DeSci. However, not all projects in this category act like a DAO. There are others like Givethiuswhich is designed to transform the way public goods are financed today. Reprorants is an organization focused on female reproductive science funding. Science Fund is a fund created on the Ethereum block to store different scientific works.

Pfizer joins VitaDAO, a long-term financial and research DAO

Intellectual Property NFT (IP-NFT)

Tokenization of intellectual property in the blockchain is also another area that medical science is currently exploring. projects like The heart of the NFT atom, Gene NFT y* Spinal cord NFT They are looking for one of the main weaknesses of the scientific industry through blockchain: IP. The creation of IP-NFT in DeSci removes many existing barriers in traditional IP markets, facilitating the exchange and trading of these assets. Pfizer already uses the block to commercialize IPS from companies connected with NFT medical research indications.

Pfizer sells IP licenses in NFT format on the DAO VitaDAO

data storage

Outside of IP funding and trading, many projects are focused on creating an open infrastructure for decentralized knowledge. For example Athens Protocol, Ceramic Network, Ocean Protocol, Learn Roots y* Protocol Labs They promote different projects to create a secure base for data storage and management. These projects aim to provide a transparent, secure and interoperable registry of medical data and scientific research, resistant to censorship.

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The Data Lake is one of the most representative enterprises in this region. In addition to promoting donation and transparent brand management, a payment mechanism similar to Play-to-earn media is called Consent-to-Earn (C2E). Through this mechanism, users consent to the use of their medical information while generating products to contribute to it. Data Love and C2E provide an easier way for people to participate in the lucrative data economy, while providing company access to anonymized medical data that serves their research and development.

In addition to the aforementioned strategies, there are many more within the DeSci ecosystem. Like those to improve how and where knowledge is disseminated. Or to promote new communities of knowledge with the permission of existing communities.

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