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Lionel Messi's NFT at Inter Miami (Sorare)

The famous online game that represents football players with NFT cards and allows you to put together your dream team has published the first edition of Leo for the highest bidder.

Event Lionel Messi Unstoppable: After the great victory of his new team inter miami beat Atlanta United 4–0 (the game in which he scored a double) and broke another personal record, as the club MLS’s Having become the 100th number that the Nets have raised at least a little, he is now close to surpassing a new mark, but this time not on the court, but in the blockchain universe.

Sisterfantasy football game based on block technology behind the world of cryptocurrencies and known as “The Great Crypto DT”has just published one of its papers in auction format Token No Fungibles (NFT) More than you’d expect: Argentina’s first crackdown with the jacket of “Las Garzas”.

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The bid to place the new Inter Miami player’s item expires this Thursday afternoon and has already received over twenty offers and is priced above 3.7112 ETH (close to u$s7.000 at today’s price)

How the platform that launched this new Messi NFT at Inter Miami works

The Sorare Card is an NFT digital collectible, symbolizing a football player and associated with a particular season.

in conversation with iProUPNicolas Julia, one of the creators of this special universe, reveals Sorare has over 35,000 Argentine usersa statistic that puts “albicelestes” players in the highest number on stage.

The developer confesses to the medium, “In fact, it is the Latin American country with the largest number above Brazil,” which also indicates that Argentina is in the “top ten” below the United States and a small group of European countries. Is. countries.

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Lionel Messi'S Nft At Inter Miami (Sorare)

Lionel Messi’s NFT at Inter Miami (Sorare)

With regard to the value of each card, this is supported by the benefits of demonstrated scarcity (there is a fixed supply for each, which also has a digital record in the Ethereum blockchain, making them unique and irreplaceable) and the characteristics of each footballer.

These tokens also have the advantage that they can be freely exchanged, sold and used in the open world of different applications and games, so their owners can also earn money with them.

There are three levels of scarcity for each Sorare card for the current season:

  • unique (single copy)
  • Super Rare (10 copies, of which Messi’s is the first to be auctioned)
  • Rare (100 copies).
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Thus a total of 111 copies could be issued.

How to play and buy cards

Each user can create his dream team with different players of all levels.

Newcomers to the game rely on registering with a virtual money budget to choose a starting team of player cards (normal) with which to design their first lineup for a tournament, the Rookie League, whose duration is eight weeks.

And while normal cards can’t be sold, they’ll help you get points to gain experience.

For another example, you’ll only be able to build your teams from purchased cards, which can be reevaluated over time due to market supply and demand.

This world within the NFT universe can compel users to invest a lot of money. For example, a unique card representing Cristiano Ronaldo during his time at Juventus was sold 242.500 Euro.


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