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What is kernel isolation in Windows 11 and what is it for?

Windows has many internal functions and settings that are often quite unknown but useful. Microsoft has been working to improve its security in recent years, which is why Windows Defender is free. In addition, it offers its operating system for free, so we constantly keep it updated. Well, one of these features is the Windows 11 kernel isolation a useful feature that improves security.

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft has made great efforts to make its operating systems as secure as possible. For example, Windows 11 forces you to install TPM 2.0. This is nothing more than a chip that verifies software signatures, improving the security and integrity of the system.

Core isolation is a relatively unknown feature, but it can be quite useful. Let’s say you create some kind of dome on the processor and RAM to improve data integrity.

What is core insulation?

It refers to a security measure Protects Windows processes from malware. This keeps the operating system and peripherals separate. This is done Proceedings through a Virtualization.

Memory integrity, an element that is part of kernel isolation, does the following: separation of High security processes the rest. Let’s assume a virtual barrier is created between the primary hardware and the secondary or peripheral hardware. With it, you can protect the system from any type of malware.

By primary hardware we must mean all those components without which the computer cannot function. This includes the motherboard, processor, graphics card, RAM and storage unit. Anything connected via USB or another port becomes peripheral hardware.

Windows Defender Core Isolation

Cost of this feature

Before we continue, we need to make this clear to you Use this function of security has its price.

If you want to enter your house from the street, you must take your key out of your pocket and open the door. Then close the door and lock it for security reasons. In addition, there is a security guard who checks that we do not have any weapons or other dangerous items with us.

Basically, core insulation works in a very similar way. There is a Access control and with valid the process of Access to this protected part. This process requires some time, which implies a Loss of performance.

Actually this function It is not intended for the average user, far from it. It’s more focused on that professional environments or educational centers that many people go through. To ensure system and network integrity, everything that connects is thoroughly scanned to prevent security breaches.

Enable core isolation in Windows 11

It is not a particularly complicated process, it can be activated without commands and other stories. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. We press the key combination Windows+ I. You can also go to Windows symbol and click on the gear Attitude that appears in the menu
  2. A window opens and we go to it Privacy & Security
  3. Inside we have to click on the option Windows Security
  4. We have to click on the button Open Windows Security
  5. We see an option in the menu on the left that says Device security
  6. Here is the option to do so Core insulation and click Details
  7. Inside we see the option of Memory integrity which will be deactivated and we can activate it
  8. We close the window and that’s it

You can activate and deactivate this function as often and unlimitedly as you like.

Windows 11 Core Isolation

Enable it in Windows 10

This feature is also available for the previous Microsoft operating system version. The truth is that the steps are quite similar, but we still leave them to you:

  1. We press the key combination Windows + I. You can also go to Windows icon and Click on the gear Attitude that appears in the menu
  2. We have to go to the option Updates and security
  3. We search in the left menu Windows Security
  4. Once inside, click Device security
  5. We’ll see the option Core insulation and we give the opportunity to do so details
  6. Here we find the option to turn storage integrity on or off

Here, too, you can switch this function on and off as often as you like.

Windows 10 Core Isolation


The feature is interesting if you work in offices, study, etc. This is a good additional measure to protect yourself when connecting your own USB drives or third-party USB drives. They are usually a breeding ground for malware, and with this system you reduce that risk.

It can be interesting to activate it when a friend comes to our house to send us photos etc., but little else. And then you have to disable it because it causes performance loss in games due to virtualization.

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