What is known about the 5 who disappeared in Ciudad Mendoza after going to the Transit offices?

What is known about the 5 who disappeared in Ciudad Mendoza after going to the Transit offices?


Written by VERACRUZ on 12/9/2023 · 11:43 am

CAMERINO Z. MENDOZA, VER.- Since last Friday, December 8, it was reported that lost 5 people in the municipality of Camerino Z. Mendozathey are the same sought for their families, as they fear for their physical integrity. After reporting on Demiseissued by State Search Commission their respective tokens.

It is worth mentioning that the people reported as lost on Mendoza Citymunicipality in the Valley region Orizaba, their last location was the offices of the Municipal Traffic Delegation, because one of them went to pay for the alleged traffic violation. The disappearance occurred on the same day that an element of the corporation was shot dead in the vicinity of the agency’s offices.

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Their relatives are asking for the support of citizens to settle because they fear for their physical integrity, through a publication in social networks It was learned that the units they were riding in were found near the Puebla highway.Orizabain the zone of Ballastrera.

People reported as lost son Ileana Ivet López Espidio27 years old; Antonio Sánchez López 40 years old; vThe actor Manuel Adell Sánchez35 years old; Honorio Lopez Espidio, 35 years old; and Leonardo Ortigoza Martínez40 years old.

On social networks they asked for help to find them

Relatives of Victor Manuel Adell Sánchez has started a campaign of social networksto ask the population to contribute any information that helps to find it, because it is located lost from this Friday December 8th from 2023.

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According to the official report, Victor Adell He is 35 years old, 1.83 meters tall, dark skin, and curly black hair. The last time his family spoke to him was on Friday, December 8, in the town of Camerino Z. Mendoza, in the Orizaba Valley region, in the central area of ​​the city of Veracruz. JOIN OUR WHATSAPP CHANNEL. THE POWER OF INFORMATION IN YOUR HANDS

Ileana Ivet López Espidio27 years old, white skin, 1.65 meters tall, and dyed blonde hair; Antonio Sánchez López40 years old, 1.65 meters tall, with dark skin and brown eyes, short black hair; Honorio Lopez Espidio He is 35 years old, 1.70 meters tall, has brown eyes and light brown skin; and Leonardo Ortigoza Garcia40 years old, 1.60 meters tall, black skin and short straight hair.

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Any information they can provide to contribute to the location of the five missing people, people can call 228 319 3187, they can also contact the State Search Commission on their social networks or through 911.