What is more reliable, cars with combustion engines or electric ones? Consumer Reports sets itself up

Comparative 4 hybrid SUVs

The question “What is more reliable, cars with combustion engines or electric ones??” It seems endless and never solved, but it is something that can shed light based on empirical data. We don’t have it, but Consumer Reports has and rules.

In the annual automotive reliability study, They surveyed 330,000 people about the cars they bought in the last three years, with questions about 20 areas of the car that are prone to problems.

With all the data collected, the results are clear: Combustion vehicles are more reliable than electric vehicles.

According to CR, zero-emission vehicles have a 79% more problems than gasoline or diesel vehicles.

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The explanation was given by Jake Fisher, Senior Director of Car Testing at Consumer Reports: “Today, most electric cars are manufactured by traditional cars that are new to electric car technology or by companies like of Rivian, which is new to car manufacturing.”

Therefore, “it is not surprising that they have growth problems and need time to solve mistakes,” he concluded.

However, electric cars are not (not even by far) the worst according to the report: on par with plug-in hybrid cars, which They show 146% more problems than burnout.

This makes sense, as they have the best of both worlds, but that also makes their mechanics more complex.

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This was confirmed by Fisher, who commented that “plug-in hybrid cars are like an electric car and a conventional car all in one, so, by their nature, they have many things that can be bad.”

Does this mean that all electrified cars are less reliable than thermal ones? Not all, the originals are ahead: Hybrid cars have 26% fewer problems than gasoline and diesel cars.

It also makes sense, said Steven Elek, Director of the Automotive Data Analysis Program at Consumer Reports, pointed out: “It may not have been like that before, but Toyota launched the Prius hybrid about 25 years ago. “Car brands have long already making hybrids they are very good at it.”

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“In addition, many hybrids are also produced by manufacturers with generally reliable cars, such as Toyota, Hyundai and Kia,” he concluded.