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What is NFC and what is it really for? – happy android

You’ve probably already heard about NFC And if you have a mid-range smartphone, you most likely have this technology at your fingertips. NFC (Near Field Communication what is the same, near field communication) is a wireless proximity communication technology that allows us to share information with other devices that are equipped with it.

Unlike Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, this technology proximity Can be used only by bringing equipment closer Max distance of 10 cm and provides us low battery consumption.

Not only do smartphones have NFC, today there are more and more tablets, headphones, speakers, drones, gadgets and even game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and 3DS that incorporate this technology. it is everywhere!

What is NFC technology?

NFC is simply an evolution of the RFID system, radio frequency identification, or radio frequency identification), a technology that we have had for many years. The most common use for the common citizen would be the specific “magnetic” card to open a room in a hotel or office or at an electronic toll booth on a motorway.

This development in contactless communication lies in the greater bandwidth that allows for the transmission of large amounts of data in a short amount of time. However, in the case of NFC, the distance between the devices must always be less than 10 centimeters, or even, as is the case with most smartphones, the two devices must be physically in contact with each other. . Physical contact between devices is a security measure to prevent accidental transfer of sensitive data.

Another thing in favor of this technology is that all devices that include NFC They can fulfill the functions of both reader and recognizer., That is, they work in both directions. This bi-directional capability allows these devices to be used for all kinds of different applications.

What is NFC used for?

Next, we review some of the utilities of NFC technology. Stay tuned to the end of the post, because apart from paying with your smartphone, some of its functions are definitely not wasted. let’s go there!

mobile phone payment

How many times have you forgotten to take your wallet when you leave the house? If you always carry your smartphone with you, you won’t have to worry about it, paying with it is safe, practical and fast. It is undoubtedly the star of NFC usage, and the technology is poised to become the payment method of the future.

Mobile payments are becoming a very popular transaction method. Google Pay or any mobile payment platform uses your smartphone’s NFC to make payments. Once configured, it is only necessary to bring your mobile close to the card reader of the store and confirm the payment. It’s not necessary to open the Google Pay app, Samsung Pay or whatever mobile payment platform you use, just bring your phone closer with NFC enabled.

data exchange

When two NFC-enabled devices come into contact, a message appears asking if you want to “broadcast” content such as videos, photos, contact information, etc. for another device.

device synchronization

More and more manufacturers are applying this technology to synchronize their various devices. For example, by bringing your mobile closer to the speaker or headphones, these can be synchronized automatically. without the hassle of connecting two devices via bluetooth. This is quite interesting as NFC consumes much less battery than Bluetooth.

automation of actions

Using NFC cards or “NFC Tags” (They are like little stickers, they are sold on Amazon for less than 10 euros) Which we can put in different places, by bringing our smartphone closer to them, automatic configurations can be done on our mobile.

For example, they can be useful if we put stickers next to the bed or nightstand, so that while sleeping, simply by bringing our smartphone closer, it is set to do not disturb mode or data transfer is disabled. Another option would be in the car, simply by placing the mobile on the dashboard mount to activate bluetooth.

On the other hand, more and more smart home applications or smart homes are compatible with NFC. By configuring these NFC cards, it is possible to control various devices in our home: raise/lower blinds, heating temperature, lighting, etc.

Wireless charging of your mobile accessories

NFC enables wireless charging of small battery-powered devices such as wireless headphones, smart watches, digital pens and other consumer products. Although charging is currently limited to small devices, there is a lot of potential for increased charging capacity in the future. Today the capacity is only 1W, compared to the 15W charge that Qi induction charging allows.


Soon all personal identification will be done via NFC, so we don’t always have to worry about carrying our ID, passport or driver’s license, as many countries have started issuing identity cards with NFC support. COVID passports, digital currency, government IDs, medical records – wherever identification and/or authorization is required, NFC has a role to play.

Which devices have NFC?

NFC has been a major feature in smartphones for many years. The list of devices equipped with NFC is growing every day. Nexus S was the first Android device To add this back to the distant year 2010, and all smartphones with version 4.4 of Android can use NFC technology if they have the appropriate hardware.

Apple also eventually adopted the technology in 2014, which is present in all iPhones starting with the iPhone 6. Similarly, more and more wearable devices include it, such as smart watches like Apple Watch, Mi Band, etc.

Nowadays, only low-end devices do not incorporate NFC, as the cost of the material usually makes the product quite expensive. In any case, the general consensus is that this is a technology that is here to stay and it will most likely become even more widespread over time, with new practical uses and functionalities.

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