What is Pauno’s game plan for ChivaHermanos?

What is Pauno's game plan for ChivaHermanos?

The time has come to close ranks in pursuit of the same goal. Chivas wants to add the trophy number 13 to its showcases and therefore, each of us who love this club must be together and support at all times.

Now more than ever, the team and the fans must join forces, because we have reached the part of the tournament where every game is killed or killed, and with the support of the whole team. Chiva Nation It is easier to deal with every situation that arises. So, before the start of the Liguilla, Veljko Paunovic has a VERY IMPORTANT message for everyone ChivaHermanos.

“Together we managed to enter the Liguilla and leave the most difficult part of this season behind us.”

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“The most beautiful thing is coming, but also the most challenging and we need you all.”

“The Liguilla is played with heart and emotion. “We have to unite and be a team together.”

“You have to support every action, a sweep, a player who wins a dispute, a save by the goalkeeper, an action by the goalkeeper. We have to celebrate a goal, but ask for more because it is necessary We need to score a lot to make it to the playoffs.

“Whatever happens in football, but what never goes away is unity, what brought us here.”

“We’ve been through everything, this team and fans have matured a lot”

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“The songs you sing are beautiful, they lift us up in difficult moments and when the whole stadium sings “Dale Rebaño…” it’s a moment when the whole team feels that the principles are united and this is what we want.

“Dear ChivaHermanos” It’s time to take the number 12 shirt, retired in his honor, and wear it for the honor of Chivas, and all of us.”