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What is ‘slugging’ and what are the benefits of applying Vaseline on the face before sleeping

K-beauty addicts say ‘slugging’ is the surefire technique that will bring out more party for your cosmetics Favorite. While it is true that this statement has its limitations, which we will discuss in this article, it is also true that dermatologists have always spent their entire lives in a Vaseline tubes (pure and unsaturated), Especially in winter. vaseline is a moisturizing agent so-called ‘plosives’, in which a protective functionCreates a barrier on the surface of the skin that prevents it from losing moisture.

They usually provide a shiny finish (and can also be oily) which makes them a good ally for dry skin, but not so desirable for oily ones. Vaseline, paraffin, beeswax and butter, among others, are agents commonly used in cosmetics. Skincare experts are crazy about:

“Vaseline is the gold standard for repairing the skin barrier,” he declares. Veronica Vivas@veronicavivascr on Instagram, Pharmacist Dermopharmacy Specialist and the award for Best Cosmetic Disseminator 2022, which explains what it is like and how it works: “Vaseline inert and non-toxic, It is inserted between the intercellular space repairing the lamellar membrane.

Given this explanation, it is no longer possible to be afraid of this gelatin, yes, comes from oil, but it is quite safe much more for our skin useful You can imagine. Before explaining the various uses that can be given to a tube of pure Vaseline, let us know what the ‘slugging’ we are talking about on TikTok is.

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What is slugging?

It’s a mini beauty treatment that includes apply a thin layer an occlusive agent, such as petroleum jelly last step of the night routine Skin care. This protective layer of Vaseline not only prevents loss of hydration during the night, but also retains the rest of the applied beauty products, allowing threads penetrate more deep.

To perform this technique correctly, several steps must be followed:

1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly. As always when you do a beauty routine, this is the first step before applying any cosmetic. Be careful if, in addition, your skin suffers from clogged pores or pimples. has to be Clean before applying Vaseline.

2. Put your hair up or wear a nightcap so that all your hair is hidden.

3. Apply your favorite skin care product. of course they are all acids except Which could potentially be troubling. This technique is just for extra moisturizing. Think: hyaluronic, your favorite night cream, a dry oil… apply a thin layer and wait for it to soak in.

4. Apply a layer of Vaseline. need a cape fine and even, which forms the outline of the eyes. Vaseline must be pure and fragrance-free to avoid reactions.

5. Apply on pillow cover before sleeping a towel to protect her.

6. When you wake up, wash your face with a mild cleanser and enjoy your perfectly hydrated skin.

Attention, oily skin!

“This trend of applying Vaseline to the face to help prevent water loss,” reveals Rosa Rossello, Drunee’s Director of TrainingReserved for normal and dry skin. Experts explain that you have to be very careful with acne-prone skin because Vaseline pore closingNothing interesting for this skin type.

bad thing about slugging

Despite Vaseline being a widely used moisturizing agent recommended by dermatologists, the ‘slugging’ technique is not something that should be done lightly and without control. Pedro Catla, cosmetologistDoctor of Pharmacy and founder of Twelve Beauty, explains his reluctance about this present of beauty brought from Korea, which advocates applying enveloping products like Vaseline as a mask every night to block inside the skin, Which is a previously implemented property. ,

“Theoretically, all skin types can benefit from using Vaseline, but when it comes to seeing who is best suited for it, I would look more at skin types than skin types.” . the circumstances you are in skin”, Catella points out, which sentence: “‘slugging’ may make sense after a cold windy day Or on days with very low temperatures”.

Furthermore, experts clarify, this technique can work well if the previous steps are followed. with cosmetics of fleeting texture But not on top of a classic serum, oil, and cream routine. “In my opinion, it is excessive,” he concluded. In fact, he recommends it. for special moments,

And one last piece of advice: If Vaseline bothers you, Pedro suggests replace it with natural ingredients such as vegetable squalane (derived from olive oil), grape seed oilHyaluronic Acid or Mallow, which also has the ability to form a protective film on the skin.

Slugging in the hands

If any part of the body suffers the most in the winter season, then it is the hands. We can’t forget about that. Gloves, creams and night treatments with Vaseline are basic to keep them soft, cared for and beautiful. “Our hands are exposed to cold, washing, trauma, etc., and we must take special care. We recommend using gloves that protect us well from the cold when the temperature is low or very low, with Avoid excessive hand washing, and use specific moisturizing creams several times a day.

Sometimes, if we find them too dry, we may choose to apply moisturizing vaseline mask in snag one night a week”, they recommend from Dermatology Services of the Martin del Yaero Clinic | Amselem (Madrid),

‘Slugging’ on the lips

On the other hand, dentists also recommend pure Vaseline to heal chapped lips. when they are disturbed or dry, Orthodontist and co-founder of Ferras & Bratos Dental Clinic in Madrid, Dr. Patricia BratosIn fact, it alerts us to a topic that’s rarely talked about: Not all lip glosses are good. When in doubt, Vaseline. He justifies it this way:

“Have you ever thought that the more lip balm you use, the more you need?” The doctor wonders. “It is more common than you think and the reason lies in the cocoa components. It is advised to avoid the use of cocoa containing camphor, perfume, phenol or menthol, Although it has a calming effect in the first applications and seems to hydrate the lips, the truth is that if used daily cause excessive dryness labial”, alert.

Having said that, it’s clear: It’s best to separate the lips from the outside and allow let them fix themselves Contains 100% pure and fragrance free Vaseline without losing the hydration.

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