What is TDT Channels and how to install it on your Smart TV

 What is TDTChannels and how to install it on your Smart TV to watch its 651 free channels?  |  Present

If you don’t want to install any app, you can also visit its official website. Photo: Data Lock Peru | If you don’t want to install any app, you can also visit its official website. Photo: Data Lock Peru

Currently, there are many platforms that allow users to watch series, movies and live channels completely free. However Pluto TV and Plex is the most famous, they are not the only ones. Believe it or not, there are other lesser-known alternatives, like TDTChannels, that also have content that doesn’t require you to pay. What devices is it compatible with? Here we will tell you more about him.

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What are TDTChannels?

On their website, the developers of TDTChannels say that it is a TV and Radio platform that allows you to watch broadcasts online, legally and completely free of charge. Although most of the media belongs to Spain (such as Antena 3, Telecinco, etc.), you can also find channels from abroad with a large audience such as Latin Cartoon Network, children of Warner Bros., etc.

Currently, TDTChannels is available for Android and iOS devices; However, when you enter the application, it appears empty. In addition, you need to install the list of television and radio. The easiest​​​​​​ way to enjoy this platform is through a computer, because all you have to do is enter its official website from Google Chrome or any browser.

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Inside the platform, we can see 651 channels that are not organized. Fortunately, we can separate them through filters, this way we can only see the genres we choose. We have Informative, Sports, Children’s, Musical, religious, and more. Once we select the channel, it starts playing and we can put it in full screen.

How to install TDTChannels on Android, iOS and Smart TV?

The TDTChannels application is available on the Play Store and App Store, the official Android and Apple stores, respectively. If you have a smart TV, this platform is only available if the operating system is Android TV or Google TV. For LG or Samsung televisions, it’s best to buy a Google Chromecast.

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After installing TDTChannels on your devices, you will find that there is no channel or radio. To view it, you must also install the official list that can be found on their website (by going to this link). Once you download it, you will see that the content is activated and you can start enjoying it completely free and legally.