What is the best toilet paper to buy based on its price and durability?


Toilet paper is one of the basic products of any home and also one of the most used, but which one is the best for you to buy because of its price and resistance? This is what Profeco said.

The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) conducted a quality study in which it tested 23 models of 14 brands of toilet paper of different types: with engravings, colors, with or without fragrance, with skin protectors and/or without them, normally. size and

To do this, it subjects the products to tests of disintegration, resistance of the sheets to dry and wet conditions, whiteness and verifies their content, dimensions, finish, information provided by the consumer and the their price.

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Which toilet paper is the best for you to buy based on its price and resistance, according to Profeco?

As a result of the study, Profeco has determined that the most durable and cheapest toilet paper is the Elite Gold brand because it shows ‘excellent’ wet resistance, high resistance of the cutting line and low resistance of the blades. All this at a price of only 0.6 pesos per gram of paper.

At the same time, the Elite Gold toilet paper presents 242 double sheets per roll, ‘excellent’ finish, 23 meters per roll, a disintegration time of 16.1 minutes and high whiteness where it gets the total -the “very good” rating.

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Along with this brand, Profeco revealed that the best toilet papers are: Level Premium Toilet Paper with a price of 0.4 pesos per gram and good wet resistance, Golden Hills Premium Extra Soft with a price of 0.12 pesos per gram and adequate resistance to moisture.

Now that you know, choose only the best toilet paper for your family, which is endorsed by Profeco and has the best resistance.