What is the ‘Death Star Law’ in Texas and why are they seeking to declare it unconstitutional? – financial

 What is the 'Death Star Law' in Texas and why are they seeking to declare it unconstitutional?  - financial

LAREDO, Texas.- The approval of a law in Texas that would eliminate mandatory breaks for construction workers in cities hit by an extreme heat wave provoked reactions against the measure.

What is the ‘Death Star Law’ in Texas about?

The legislation — known as House Bill 2127 or the “Death Star Bill” because it eliminates conflicts with local law and state law — was signed into law last June 14 by Governor Greg Abbott.

The provision will go into effect next September and will deny construction workers in cities such as Austin and Dallas the right to take water breaks every four hours and to rest in the shade during their workday, which are currently municipal regulations.

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The approval of this provision has been given in the context in which Texas has faced heat wave and humidity for three consecutive weeks, due to which the temperature in June reached 49 degree Celsius. Furthermore, climate scientists warn that these types of intense and prolonged heat waves will become more common due to global warming.

The law covers various government sectors and aims to supersede existing local regulations and thus prevent the approval of new local regulations that differ from state to state.

In addition to political implications, the removal of mandatory water breaks could lead to dangerous working conditions for construction workers during heat waves. Extreme temperature events are the leading cause of death from weather events each year in the United States, along with an increase in cardiovascular, respiratory, and kidney diseases.

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Last June’s heat wave alone caused at least 10 deaths in Texas, including the death of a 46-year-old construction worker in the Houston area.

These are the reactions to the new law made by Greg Abbott

Ana Gonzalez from the Texas AFL-CIO stressed that the legislation attacks local democracy and will have unintended consequences for the way it is governed.

Critics of this law argue that it would create dangerous working conditions and undermine workers’ constitutional rights. The measure has been the subject of a lawsuit by the city of Houston and has generated strong backlash from various groups who believe it is necessary to protect workers in the context of climate change and extreme weather conditions.

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Following the enactment of the “Death Star Act”, Houston filed a lawsuit to block the provision and declare it unconstitutional.


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