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What is the difference between probiotic and prebiotic and how important is each to our health?

Every day we become more aware of the importance of the intestinal flora, which is called microbiota about our health. We know it helps keep the immune system running; which protects against type 2 diabetes; It is preventive against colon cancer, and it is believed that others; that interfere with the functioning of the brain; That it can be a hindrance to mental illnesses and many other benefits.

definitely, Through research, review and study It is being determined that the intestinal flora is for our body like a second brain, a second heart or a second liver, as well as a whole pharmacy that makes the medicines we need.

The difference is that this second organ with many more extremely valuable functions is not actually ours, we borrow it. a cohabitation agreement And so you have to abide by the agreement and take good care of it.

What is the intestinal flora or microbiota?

have intestinal flora or microbiota a complete, complex, and highly diverse society of microorganisms They mostly live in our large intestine, just before the rectum.

There they are in charge of getting the remains of food digested by the stomach so that it cannot be spoiled. These microorganisms, which are bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa, degrade it for us to eat. through fermentationBut give rise to many compounds as by-products.

And many of these compounds, in addition to causing gas and flatulence, serve as drugs, hormones, vitamins and supplements for the proper functioning of our bodies.

We have this symbiotic relationship with the intestinal flora: we give it food and it returns the favor. Nutritional and Medicinal Pharmacopoeia Diversity that protects us from many health problems like metabolism and immunity, allergies, depression, malnutrition, etc.

misbehaving with flora has consequences

But the way we take care of heart, brain, kidney, liver etc. We must take care of the microbiota, because it is a living organism that depends on us. A poor diet, abuse of alcohol, salt, free sugar or excessive emotional stress can seriously kill or destroy it.

Then it will stop working for us until it is properly fixed, with all the populations or species that make it up in perfect harmony.

When we take antibiotics, for example, we kill many of the flora bacteria and favor fungi, viruses and protozoa, causing a population imbalance in the flora and causing it to stop functioning properly. it should always be in perfect balance to be optimal

We all know the result: diarrhea, frequent painful gas, constipation, Etcetera. When the flora restores its balance, the stool becomes normal and consistent.

We say it is a sign of good health, but it actually refers to the good health of our flora. Even transplantation of healthy faeces of persons suffering from various diseases is being tried.

How to feed the flora: probiotics

Two ways to keep the flora in top shape are the richness and balance of its various populations of bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. The first method, and the more classic, is the use of food. probiotics,

They are usually the result of fermentation and therefore are foods that we cannot obtain without the help of bacteria and fungi. They have an abundance of these creatures and consequently when we eat them we take them into our bodies with the hope that they will reach our gut and be absorbed into the microbiota.

Son yogurt, fresh cheese, fermented soybeans, pickles such as sauerkraut, kimchi, olives, and many others. They are rich in fungi and bacteria. Lyophilized preparations of these creatures are also used.

But there are two problems with probiotics. The first is that acidity, enzymes and many of the antibodies prey on their passage through the digestive tract, so the load that reaches the large intestine may be negligible.

The second problem is that vegetation is not a universal entity; Each individual has an optimal combination of species and percentage for their genetic and environmental characteristics; This distinctive combination is also believed to serve to identify members of the same family, as they share it.

Therefore, probiotic food that works for one person and their lineage, or one climate etc., does not work for other people or groups because the differential and essential bacteria are not exposed. Although there is one atomic group that all flora share.

Prebiotics, Alternatives

so alternative way is prebiotics, These are unprocessed foods where bacteria or fungi do not interfere a priori, rather, when ingested, they themselves, as raw materials, logically decompose in the gut as primary food for the flora. Huh.

That is to say, instead of replenishing the population, we feed what we already have and it grows on its own by getting its nutrients. They are foods rich in vegetable fiber, pectins, fructans and other complex sugar compounds Which we cannot digest but plants ferment and take advantage of it.

It is also helped by minerals and polyphenolic substances and antioxidants. a) yes, Diet rich in vegetable fiberLeafy greens, fruits, vegetables, red, green and yellow fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and legumes, are an essential prebiotic diet for healing and maintaining our flora.

This has been revealed in a recent Oxford University study. aromatic herbs and spices They are excellent prebiotics. Researchers studied 54 adults, with an average age of 45, who had a combined history of being overweight and having heart problems.

They had to eat three servings of a mixture of cinnamon, ginger, cumin, turmeric, rosemary, oregano, basil and thyme at 0.5 g, 3.3 g and 6.6 g per day, respectively, for four weeks.

Participants’ stools were analyzed at the beginning of the study and at the end of each diet period and the results were an increase in flora with a particular emphasis on L.ruminococciA group of related bacteria that help the liver function and improve our defenses.

Another recently demonstrated prebiotic is peanuts. A study by the Pennsylvania State University has also proved that it also strengthens the presence of ruminococci in the microbiota and bacteria. Roseburia SpAssociated with weight loss and reduced glucose intolerance.

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