What Is The Life Of Marcelo Tinelli’s Former Producer Angie Arbesu In “Videomatch”

What Is The Life Of Marcelo Tinelli's Former Producer Angie Arbesu In "Videomatch"

If there’s anything that’s different Marcelo Tinelli He has been creating all kinds of characters in his career as a driver. One of them was from the 1990s Angels ArbesuKnown as Angie.

homework of Angie In the old Videomatch this was to control the commercials that aired and, according to his style, the host interacted with him, including the various jokes he made during the show.

Angie She knew how to gain popularity with each appearance on the air, despite the fact that she always preferred to keep a low profile. Despite this his current partner in jokes tinelli They had become a classic on the show.

Angie Arbesu.

That time, tinelli started making jokes about the alleged affair between Angie You Jose Maria Listorti, one of the main comedians of Videomatch. The idea was to “conquer” him with songs and poems, a situation that turned out to be a lot of fun.

“All of a sudden I became a character. My last year with Waldo, 1999 was my strongest. He played to win me over and made music with celebrities who went to the flat to persuade me to give me the ball. They were Rodrigo, Montaner, Cristian Castro,” he said. arbesu,

Despite gaining popularity, Angie In 2000, she decided to step out of the small screen. From there, he took a new direction to begin his career as an organizer of large first-class events such as the Cirque du Soleil, the youth Olympic Games in 2018. Brute force shows.


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