What the leaders of countries with migratory exodus should do is an act of repentance

Inmigrantes recientes en Estados Unidos yacen en la acera con sus pertenencias mientras hablan con funcionarios de la ciudad frente al Hotel Watson en Nueva York, el lunes 30 de enero de 2023. Los inmigrantes, en su mayoría de Venezuela y otros países latinoamericanos, habían habían estado viviendo en el hotel hasta hace poco, cuando les dijeron que abandonaran el refugio temporal. (Foto AP/Seth Wenig)

What is the purpose of the so-called Migration Summit convened by Andrés Manuel López Obradorif none of the attendees havee made an act of remorse or acknowledged their deep guilt?

The representatives of Venezuela and Cuba do not see themselves as dictators who govern protected by military forces or who have overthrown all the powers where all the political, human,, and civil rights of the citizens of those countries have been violated. The possibilities of a democratic solution are banned under the slogan that the opposition will never pass.

Or the conditions of deep poverty, violence and lack of opportunities for its citizens Haiti,perhaps the most complex of all,Honduras, Colombia,, and Mexico faceand recognize the deep failures that,, for decades,ve done damage to society, which worsened the situation in the way that it pushed millions of people to migrate to other latitudes, of course to the United States.

The so-called “summit meeting” seems like a tourist visit between friends and a catalog of good intentions, where the analysis and search for substantive solutions to solve the urgent migration and humanitarian crisis that they shared never happened. The data provided by the United States Border Patrol informs us of the brutality and depth of the situation: more than two and a half million people crossed the border in the last fiscal year, a record number.

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The so-called “13 actions to address the problem of migration,” agreed during the meeting pompously called “For Fraternal and Well-Being Neighborhood,” held at the private ranch of López Obrador, “based on identifying the causes and with the implementation of humanitarian measures, economic, political, and social development,” according to a press release. The only thing that has been done is wasting time. And not “grab the bull by the horns,” because none of the attendees were willing to do so.

I would like to see Nicolas Maduro admit his guilt in the deep deterioration of Venezuela, where more than nine million people—more than 20 percent of its population—have fled in terror in the last five years, most of them on foot. Or Díaz Canal in Cuba, where it is impossible to make a small demonstration against the government because immediately, in both countries, the forces of order, police and military, stop you with brutality, and they are placed in dark prisons without the possibility of legal representation. .

What none of the attendees wants to recognize or accept is that it is their own countries that secretly promote immigration, because in doing so they “kill three birds with one stone.” Those who left will cease to represent a burden because the political pressures of those who organize demonstrations against individual governments are reduced; obligations to provide health, education, work, housing, etc., have been eliminated, and, most easily, they are now receiving millions of dollars through remittances that help solve the economic situation of those countries.

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For example, for Mexico, the arrival of money sent by its compatriots to their relatives, who often live in high-poverty populations or in marginalized areas, has become the first source of foreign currency, with almost 53 billion dollars a year, more than oil and tourism. For Honduras, which will receive more than 7.5 billion dollars in 2022, remittances are also the main generator of foreign currency, above exports such as coffee, maquila products, shrimp, and others, according to the central bank of that country.

Do you think you will accept López Obrador’s proposal to change immigration and the arrival of cartloads of billions of dollars that have not been done, to exchange them for his failed programs like “seeding life” or “young people building the future?” ?what future?

If they continue to live in their God-forsaken towns, two alternatives await them: live in the very poor conditions they have been in until now and die trying or join organized crime (they have done well very organized). try to find alternatives to the deep economic, social and moral crisis they face or, as they are doing now, just look north.

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But at the meeting, as stated by some of the so-called presidents, the cause of all their misfortunes is the “unworthy” blockade of the United States, which causes Cuba and Venezuela to “suffer” from a lot of migration. Again they do not recognize that the Cubans are fed up with a dictatorship of more than 60 years ruled by an iron hand or that the Venezuelans, who deludedly believe in Hugo Chávez as “my commander” (as they say calling him), suffered inflation and devaluation for more than 20 years. highest in the world and that there is no corner of the country that they can hide from the “prying hands” of the party in power.

This is not the way to solve the serious problem, the civil society, in general, must act and demand in all possible ways from its authorities more respect for their dignity and rights of citizens, the -development of alternatives to real work and better conditions. housing and work, but above all democracy. But they should do that in their own countries, not abandon the attempt, because we have the examples in front of us: Cuba 60 years of a dictatorship without the possibility of removing the reins or Venezuela, which holds power. Nicaragua deserves a separate analysis.