What time is it and which roads will be affected on February 5? – financial

 What time is it and which roads will be affected on February 5?  - financial

Will you visit another state during the February 5 holidays? Take your precautions! 150,000 transporters are feared to be ‘razed’ off Mexico’s roads by next Monday, as drivers on the country’s main highways experience attacks and robberies every day.

David Muñoz, national president of the United Federal Drivers Association, told in an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva that the national transportation strike on February 5 would begin between 7 and 8 a.m. and that he wanted the government to ‘respond’. Or a reaction to insecurity on the streets.

“Unfortunately we have had to demonstrate, our intention is to cause as little inconvenience to citizens and motorists as possible, we understand their situation… but it continues, it does not stop, and unfortunately we do not see the action Get the National Guard,” he decried.

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While protesters aim to allow motorists, buses and emergency vehicles to operate normally, goods transport is expected to be shut down on the country’s main roads in at least eight states.

“Those who reach the concentration points there will stop, those who cannot get there will stop where the schedule takes them, at some point, at some toll plaza they will stop and will not move until they are there response from the government,” he speculated.

It is expected that 50 thousand small transporters will hit the roads, apart from this, big transport companies are also supporting them, hence there will be a total of 150 thousand vehicles on the roads.

Which roads and states will be affected by the national transport strike?

According to David Munoz, at least 8 states have confirmed their participation in the strike, which are:

  • Sinaloa: The point will be between Las Brisas, on Highway 15, between Guamuchil and Guasave.
  • Nayarit: It will be at the Diego de San Blas junction, at kilometer 30 of Mexico Highway 15, from Tepic to Mazatlán.
  • Jalisco: This point will be at a location called ‘L 40’ on the Mexico 54 highway from Manzanillo-Colima to Guadalajara. The second point is on Highway 80 between San Juan de los Lagos and Lagos de Moreno.
  • Guanajuato: It will be from Irapuato to Guanajuato and back to San Juan de los Lagos and Lagos de Moreno, the main point being 90 kilometers.
  • Veracruz: This will happen on its border with Tabasco, with about 100 kilometers affected from March. The demonstration will begin at the Acayucan toll plaza and extend to Veracruz’s border with Tabasco.
  • Querétaro: The main point affected will be the northern arc, i.e., kilometer 90, at its intersection with Highway 57, Mexico-Querétaro.
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Apart from Chihuahua and Chiapas, other entities have not yet been confirmed.

It is important to highlight that the key point is the Northern Arc, where all the leaders of the transporters are going to focus, “because this is where we intend to start the dialogue so that the authority is committed to doing its job, that is why we Decided to leave it at that,” he concluded.


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