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What trucks you can buy in Argentina: 10 models and 90 versions from $5 million

Vans, in the past, made the most comfortable vehicles for different types of customers, from those who need to go to work, to those who use it in the city today.

This offer has increased with propositions of small, medium and medium dimensions, which are among those who led the list of best sellers of each month, with different versions and prices.

Just counting the 10 best-selling models, there are 7 brands and almost 100 versions, with prices ranging from $5 million to $18 million in the most decorated and sporty cases.

We list all the options that exist to buy and sell goods in pesos or blue dollars, for those who have savings in this currency.

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux, the absolute leader.

Manufactured in Zarate, province of Buenos Aires, the Dance has 19 versions, with options from chassis to single and double cab, 4×2 or 4×4 drive, manual and wide gears. In addition, the most fun is GR Sports and Conquest, a version released a few months ago with special equipment.

Prices, reference double cabin (most useful for all purposes), 4×2 and with automatic gear, values ​​start at $8,708,000, that is, $22,271 for a parallel change ($391). the full house costs $15,537,000. When choosing Conquest, you will pay $15,911,000, and GR Sport at 17,946,000 pesos.

In sales, the Hilux is the best seller in the country, and except for a few months when it was overtaken by the Volkswagen Amarok, it has always retained the position. In February, 1,880 units were opened and 3,981 for the year, with an increase of 20.2 percent.

Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen amarok v6, the one that woke up

The Volkswagen Amarok V6, the one that raised “power” among trucks.

24 versions are offered, among which one can choose a double cabin, 4×2 and 4×4, manual and automatic gears. It was the first to offer a more powerful V6 engine, now superseded by the Ford Ranger Raptor.

In terms of prices, the first line made in Pacheco, which will be renewed next year, starts from $9,148,050 or $23,396 for a parallel change, while the extreme V6 is offered at 18,126,950 pesos.

It is second in sales, of which 1,623 units were registered in February, with 4,596 accumulated in the year, an increase of 24% compared to 2022.

Ford Ranger

The ford ranger will be updated before the end of the year.

The Ford Ranger will be updated before the end of the year.

The first of the Pacheco models, 17 versions are offered, with the particularity that it has a gasoline tank in addition to the options of rivals.

As for prices, it starts at $8,520,000 or $21,790 for the blue variant; while the Limited, which is the most decorated, costs 13,604,000 pesos.

Next, the brand offers the largest mid-range, which is the Ranger Raptor, which was revealed in the summer, and the price will become official at the end of the month.

Another important fact: the Ranger will reach a new generation before the end of 2023, after the change of the process that was carried out in Pacheco, with an investment of US$580 million for plants and US$80 million for machines.

In sales, some 1,521 units were disclosed in February, which adds up to 4,274 in the year, with an increase of 112.5 percent.

Nissan Limits

Nissan frontier pro-4x, very stylish.

Nissan Frontier Pro-4X, very stylish.

With 10 versions, one of the latest national production, since 2018 in Santa Isabel, Córdoba, has double cabin versions, 4×2 and 4×4, both manual and automatic. In terms of price, it starts at $8,547,700 or $21,861 for the parallel shift, and goes up to $15,331,100 in the Pro-4X trim version, which brings the Sport badges.

In terms of sales, this truck is on the rise because it is manufactured in the country. Thus, 624 patents were obtained in February, with 1,567 units accumulated during the year, a rise of 50.4 percent.

Ford Maverick

Ford maverick, the revelation of trucks.

Ford Maverick, the revelation of trucks.

It is surprising for the segment that in recent months sales have grown and the market for medium trucks has gained. It is a Ford meditation, one of the brand’s most recent models. It is sold only in two codes, with different equipment. Prices are $9,555,000 or $24,437 depending on the exchange rate for the Blue and $12,619,000 for the Lariat version.

In terms of sales, in February 270 Maverick brands were opened, with 863 accumulated in the year, which compares to a rise of 706.5% with the first two months of the last year. In fact, there are many sales and savings on this van plan.

Let the Bull

Fiat toro is the promoter of the segment

Fiat Toro is promoting the “middle” segment.

Other “medium” size trucks that could once be among the 10 best sellers, which offers 6 versions with various levels of equipment and with prices that extend to $8,157,800 or $20,863 for the blue trade. 12,647,800 pesos.

In sales, 198 units were registered in February compared to 393 last year, which marks a drop of 53.2 percent. One of the problems with this truck is that it is imported, as it happens with many brands, since it is very difficult to get many models into the country due to public obstacles.

Renault or Alaskan

Renault alaskan, the latest national production.

Renault Alaskan, the latest national production.

With 9 versions, one of the latest in the middle segment, which came out in Córdoba, is presented with a double cabin, with simple and complete traction, wide and manual. In addition, this year, I will add more with middle level tools and automatic sheets, the demand that is increasing.

Prices start at $9,202,300 or $23,535 at the blue exchange rate and go up to 14,413,200 pesos.

In sales, 171 Alaskans were registered in February, compared to 463 last year, which marks a drop of 34.8% from the previous year.

Chevrolet S10

The chevrolet s10 z71 was the latest release of the brand.

The Chevrolet S10 Z71 was the latest release of the brand.

The Chevrolet truck imported from Brazil is offered in 6 versions, one of the most recent being the Z71, which is offered with a series of accessories that distinguish it from the rest. Prices start at $10,485,900 or $26,818 at the blue exchange rate and go up to 14,415,900 pesos.

One data to note is that the sales of this pickup are in decline, with 141 registrations in February and 463 in the year, a drop of 12.5 percent. This is the case, as with other competitors, of import barriers that make it difficult for models from another country to enter. In return, Chevrolet manufactures the Tracker in Argentina, an SUV that increases exports.

It is also worth noting that in 2023, Chevrolet will launch the new Montana in the country, a small truck that has been completely renewed.

Renault Oroch

The new renault oroch is presented in three versions.

The new Renault Oroch is presented in three versions.

There are 3 versions that can be enjoyed from this medium size that was completely updated last year. Prices start from $8,141,400 oy $s20,921 for the blue variant, and go up to 9,729,500 pesos.

In sales, 100 units were opened in February, with 176 sales in the first two months. The brand does not compare with the previous version due to a radical change in the model, although in 2022 a few Oroch were sold even because of the obstacles to enter the country.

Let the road be

The fiat strada is the best-selling small van.

The Fiat Strada is the best-selling small van.

With 5 versions, this van is the most economical in the smaller segment, one of the top ten, with values ​​that start at 5,010, 200 or $12,813 for the blue variant, and go up to 7,161,600 pesos.

70 units were sold in February. In the year it sold 26 units and it does not have the best momentum because of the low prices of the units.

Trucks that will arrive at the market

While the segment has been ringing all season, players and revamps are expected to inject more movement this year. Among them, the arrival of the new Ford Ranger, the new Toyota Hilux and the Volkswagen Amarok, which will be updated in 2024, are expected.

Chevrolet is also preparing the rest of the S10 which will be sent later after the arrival of the Montana.

Another novelty will be the arrival of the new Mitsubishi L200, which will share many elements with the Renault Alaskan and the Nissan Frontier, since they are part of the same group.

In this way, the segment will continue to be active, and the two novelties promise to put many surprises.

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