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Monday, March 8, 2021

WhatsApp accepts new policy from similar users, find new way

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp (WhatsApp) is in a lot of controversy over the upcoming privacy policy. Many users feel that this is sharing their personal data with Facebook. As the controversy escalated the new policy was postponed for a few days. According to WABetaInfo, the new WhatsApp terms will take effect from May 15. At the same time, WhatsApp’s blog post revealed that WhatsApp has found a new way to explain the policy to users and ‘accept’ it.

WhatsApp describes its approach in this way
WhatsApp is going to adopt a new way to deal with confusion over its new privacy policy. According to the blog, in the coming weeks, WhatsApp will start showing a banner in its app, which will explain the policy details to the users. This banner is at the top of the chat, which reads’ We are updating the rules and privacy policy. Tap to read. ‘Pressing on it opens the whole policy with details. The same is true of the option of accepting it.

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Speaking about the new banner feature, WhatsApp said in its blog post, “We want all users to know our history of defending end-to-end encryption and we believe we are committed to the privacy and security of the public.” We are currently using WhatsApp’s status feature to describe users. We will also adopt other methods in the future.

The policy must be accepted by May 15
The blog states that we will remind users through the banner to read and accept updates for using WhatsApp. Users must accept this update by May 15. WhatsApp also clarified that ‘Personal messages are always end-to-end encrypted, so WhatsApp will not read or listen to them’.

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WhatsApp advice for those who go for other apps
WhatsApp says’ In the meantime many people are leaning towards other apps. Some of our opponents claimed not to see people’s messages. We say apps that do not provide end-to-end encryption by default can read your messages. Some other apps say they are better because they know less than WhatsApp. Although it requires limited data for WhatsApp, we believe that people are looking for reliable and secure apps. ‘

A new logout feature is coming
Let us know that WABetaInfo has reported that WhatsApp will also be bringing a new logout feature soon. With this feature, users can log out of the app whenever they want. This feature proves to be useful for those who are constantly plagued with incoming messages. Currently WhatsApp does not have a feature like log out. Messages start coming in as soon as you turn on the Internet. That is, he is always logged in.


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