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Monday, March 8, 2021

WhatsApp brought new feature, messages will disappear automatically after 7 days

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WhatsApp Latest Update: Without WhatsApp, it is very difficult to operate today. Whether it is office or housework or photo video transactions, everything can be done easily on this app. There are some messages on WhatsApp that the user always wants to keep on his phone, but there are some messages which do not matter if they are deleted. WhatsApp has worked in this direction. It has brought a new feature, which will automatically disappear on 7 days old messages when turned on. This feature is named Disappearing Messages. According to information provided by WhatsApp, this feature will work on the messages sent on chat. That is, the messages sent through chat will be automatically deleted. The company claims that this will reduce the extra load on the app.

This facility will be available to the user himself in one to one i.e. messages sent individually. In the case of WhatsApp group, the administrator will have this right. The company has given seven days to ensure that the user gets enough time before the messages disappear. This feature will be implemented simultaneously all over the world this month.

About disappearing messages

WhatsApp update will come after the feature is implemented. This feature will be visible after updating the app. On sending, messages sent from that time will start getting deleted after 7 days. Messages sent earlier will be safe. It is also worth noting that even if the user has not opened WhatsApp for 7 days, the message will automatically disappear. Those who make backups will also have missing messages in their backups. The message will disappear upon restore from backup. After turning on the Disappearing Messages feature, the image can be saved by taking a screenshot of the necessary messages.

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