WhatsApp: the steps to search for a message by date | SPORTS

 WhatsApp: the steps to search for a message by date |  SPORTS

Every day you send and receive messages through WhatsApp Messenger, the fast communication platform belonging to the company Meta, therefore, sometimes it is difficult to find a specific text or multimedia file through your personal and group chats , although you can do it in a few seconds thanks to the new tool called “message search”. Do you want to know how to use it? In Depor we will explain.

Currently there are two methods to find a specific message on WhatsApp: first, by sliding the history of the conversation; and secondly, through the search bar, here you must enter that keyword that will take you directly to the content you want to find, however, it will change after the development of a function that allows you to choose the exact date where you share. or received a message.

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Before starting, it should be highlighted that this is a function that is only available in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS users, do not worry, here we will tell you how to get it. This is definitely a tool that will not only help you save time but also reduce the frustration associated with scrolling through multiple chat histories.

So you can search a message by date on WhatsApp

  • The first thing you need to do is download TestFlight from the App Store.
  • After installing it, open this link to apply for a position in WhatsApp Beta for iPhone
  • You will be returned to TestFlight.
  • Click “Accept” to get the position and WhatsApp beta will start installing on your phone.
  • It should be noted that on the iPhone the participants of the WhatsApp test program are quite limited.
  • Now, open WhatsApp Beta (it’s the same application).
  • Enter a conversation and access the message search bar.
  • The next step is to tap on the calendar icon located on the left side.
  • Finally, select a specific date and search for your message.
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Reasons to enable temporary messages on WhatsApp

  • Storage: if a contact or group usually sends you a “meme” of images or videos, here you need to activate temporary messages, because it prevents the viewed files from continuing to store the internal memory of your smartphone.
  • Privacy: Are they checking your cell phone? With this tool you will not leave any message or chat evidence, it will be completely empty after the time period you configure.
  • Save unnecessary photos or videos: Sure sometimes they share repeated screenshots, photos or videos, it just consumes your phone’s storage, so get rid of them as soon as possible.
  • Independent: available for individual, group or all chats.
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