WhatsApp: what version of the application is on your iOS phone | SPORTS

 WhatsApp: what version of the application is on your iOS phone |  SPORTS

WhatsApp for iOS is not far away and every week it publishes new updates through the Apple App Store, the same store where you can find out the version number of the application and compare it with the one you have now. We recommend downloading it if the numbers don’t match, so you can receive some of the benefits we’ll detail.

You must have asked yourself the following: “How can I find out the version of an update?” The answer is simple, it helps you to know why your friends have a certain tool and you don’t, because every single version has new ones.

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In addition, updates not only serve to add options, they also fix errors, replace old security patches and change the user interface to a more modern one, such as happened in the Android app.

Find out which version of WhatsApp is on your iPhone

  • First, open WhatsApp on your iOS device.
  • Now, click on “Settings”, you will find it with the gear icon.
  • The next step is to find and touch the section that says: “Help”.
  • A new screen will appear.
  • Above you will see the WhatsApp version number you are currently using.
  • Finally, verify that the app has pending updates in the App Store.
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For what reasons can WhatsApp suspend my account?

  • Unofficial applications: you can say goodbye to your account if WhatsApp detects that you are using modified applications, such as: “WhatsApp Plus”, “Fouad WhatsApp”, “GB WhatsApp”, etc.
  • Spread phishing and false promotions: usually, these types of messages are spread by cybercriminals, who try to send their scams en masse through WhatsApp. The purpose is to make you believe that you have won a prize or money, with the intention of following a series of steps, including installing an application with a dangerous malware virus that will put your personal information and even bank details at risk. .
  • Rumors and extortion: if you are one of those people who only share disinformation that creates chaos, paranoia and even threats, you can also be punished not only temporarily, but forever, of course, as long as users report the message you sent.
  • WhatsApp groups: You should not name your conversation “Pedophilia,” otherwise WhatsApp will block not only you, but also the members of that group.
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