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Sunday, February 28, 2021

When Kareena Kapoor had set Bipasha Basu a strong slap, know how it became

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Ojaswi Tripathi, Mumbai. Often we get to hear the news of the rift between Bollywood celebs. Not only this, it does not take any time to change the stories of cat fight between actresses into headlines. There are also two such actresses in the industry, whose estrangement has not been hidden from anyone. The feud between them had increased so much that the matter had reached the scuffle. At the same time, due to the quarrel, both the actress had decided to never work together.

We are talking about two of Bollywood’s most beautiful actresses, Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu. Both these stars may be similar to friends in a function today. But there was a time when these actresses did not like to see each other. This is in the year 2001. When his film ‘Ajnabee’ was about to release. Apart from him in the film, Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol were also there. All four artists were in lead roles. The film also had some bold scenes of Bipasha Basu. Due to which she came in quite a lot of headlines. Kareena’s role in front of him was not far away.

Kareena Kapoor was very upset after seeing all this. He even started to think that Bipasha should not take footage of his part too. Not only this, the insensitivity of the actress had increased so much that both of them had a big fight on the film’s set. At the same time, Bebo had spoken to Bipasha even to the black cat and also slapped a slap together. The matter got worse when Kareena had heard a lot about Bobby Deol who came to calm their fight. Bipasha was so frustrated by this that she swore that she would never work with Kareena. There was some peace between the two actresses when after a few years, Kareena invited Bipasha on Saif Ali Khan’s birthday.


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