When the father cheated on the daughter, the actress filed a lawsuit for 12 crores, saying, “Dadi was cheated on…”

When the father cheated on the daughter, the actress filed a lawsuit for 12 crores, saying,

When Ameesha Patel Sued Her Father: Upon learning that her father was tampering with her hard-earned money and property, Bollywood’s famous actress filed a lawsuit against her father for 12 crore rupees without any shame. The actress does not regret her actions and is not ashamed of them, believing that even her parents are not entitled to her earnings. Years later, the actress revealed that her parents also cheated on her grandmother.

New Delhi: The actress is open and very honest. In the past, he caused an uproar by accusing Gadar 2 director Anil Sharma of poor management during filming, while Anil Sharma’s films Gadar and Gadar 2 made him a big star. Yes, we’re talking about Ameesha Patel, who is currently basking in the success of “Gadar 2”. She has now opened up about her reaction to the 2004 case, when she faced the media after suing her father.

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Amisha Patel and her father, Amit Patel, once had a beautiful father-daughter relationship. The actress’ father also handled her finances and real estate work, but things changed when Ameesha Patel accused her father of embezzling her money and property in 2004. Both got into legal trouble. The actress had sued her father for manipulation of her finances and property worth Rs 12 million.

Ameesha Patel spoke about the matter in a recent interview with the Hindustan Times. He said he wasn’t ashamed of his move years ago because the money was his. The actress said no one has the right to take her money, even if it’s her parents.

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Ameesha Patel revealed that her parents cheated on her grandmother and therefore her grandmother supported her in this matter. Meanwhile, Amisha is in seventh heaven after the success of her film Gadar 2.

Ameesha impersonated her role as Sakina in “Gadar 2”. Seeing her again in the role of Sakina was unforgettable for the audience. “Gadar 2” was released on August 11 and has surpassed 500 crore at the box office. She will next be seen in Mystery of the Tattoo. This is a psychological thriller in which he plays a special role.


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