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when threats no longer scare

The clearest sign of the end of the six-year term is when the president’s threats stop scaring society. The nation’s Supreme Court was elevated to an independent position with respect to executive power, breaking with its previous presidency. The Court is preparing for the most important agenda in many decades. you have to decide what to do with it Minister Esquivel Which of course plagiarized his degree thesis in Financial Complexity with the work supervisor.

And a decision has to be taken on the challenges of Plan B on the reform of INE (Not Electoral Reform) supported by Congress, with the opposition against it. The two immediate tasks that will define the character of liberty for the future must exist between Powers of the Mexican State.

Then there was an attempt to cover up failures in Mexico City’s administration. Let alone, given the recurring crisis in the operation of the mass transit system known as the Metro.

One person was killed and dozens were injured in the latest accident. To cover up underlying failures resulting from budget shortfalls in system maintenance and frugality in spending, which are the direct fault of the current administration, the city government went on a ground of accusations. Alleging “suspicious incidents”, he irresponsibly suggested the existence of terrorist incidents in the metro in order to harm the local government. In other words, he absolved himself of any responsibility for the “incident”.

Soon after, over 6,000 elements National Guard to face “terrorist threat” Designed to derail the presidential candidacy of the head of government. This would be an approximate plan of the recently discovered plot. But what is important is the reaction of disapproval by metro users. Feeling angered, there have been demonstrations at all metro stations rejecting the army’s presence.

Militarization to cover up those actually responsible is a civilian response that prompts society to protest, sometimes violently, against the practices of a government that thinks militarizing problems is the way to solve them. is the way.

The militaristic argument is one that contains in itself its own defeat. To think that militarization of institutions will reduce social resistance to problems that may arise during the useful life of a government is completely wrong. Along with this process the resistance goes on increasing. And the government’s hypocrisy is becoming more apparent every day.

A case illustrating the above is the case of the convoy black box. The government denounced that “it was found in a van to hide it from the authorities.” Paranoia, pure conspiracy. Metro Workers Union He clarified that this is not true. Following the protocol for these cases, workers removed the black box from the accident train and loaded it into a Metro system van to be transferred to the workshop to proceed with its analysis.

To cover up its mistakes and mismanagement, the government concocted a story of conspiracy and terrorism. Why does he do this? Because the quick time towards the end of the six-year term has already unexpectedly discovered serious flaws in government management. They devote more money to win the next election than to take care of the health and safety of the citizens.

Well, we take the risk that, given so much desperation to cut the ribbon before the end of the six-year period, all aspects of safety, construction with good materials and technical feasibility of work such as Train Maya, Dos Bocas Refinery and even AIFA and its reach. It is possible that the dangerous, poorly built and steam-powered works would be handed over to the next government and would therefore be a danger to human life.

The anguish caused by the incessant ticking of the clock on this six-year term is making the President’s reactions to various situations frenetic. corcholatus and muraena, party for six years. It is possible that in the coming months, this ruling clique will foster an increasingly brazen, reckless and defiant attitude towards the rest of society, seeking to intimidate and provoke a fear response with its threats.

But it’s already too late for that. Not even the sound of sabers will silence a society that is increasingly willing to impose a needle general populist regime, merely an imitation of mediocre Bonapartism and incapable of designing effective public policies.

What the President has achieved is to lower the technical, cultural and intellectual level of the entire state bureaucracy of the country so that it is equal to him. The de-professionalization of the Mexican state surprises and worries locals and strangers alike.

This new level of impoverishment of thought was observed with all rigor Mexico-United States-Canada Trilateral Meeting. The Mexican president was neither able to articulate proposals that had consistency nor was speaking with a synthetic coherence of what Mexico wanted, mixing press conferences with a domestic morning.

Of course, the situation is conducive to a number of excesses: the disorganization of public policies, the discretionary management of public resources and the notorious inefficiency of technological resolution. Hence the temptation to turn any conflict or situation into a political issue or an indecent conspiracy to cover up the errors and inefficiencies of governance.

In this environment, the president’s ability to propose, convince and intimidate society and its organizations, like an open sore to the whole world, diminishes. The lack of credibility of the federal executive and his party is directly affecting his confidence.

And it provokes the backlash that is coming: a president who is more aggressive, imaginative, insolent and threatening every day. Because he knows that the weight of popularity doesn’t work anymore.

militarization of metro The most recent example which shows how society does not accept his threats and says it straight to his face.

by Ricardo Pasco


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