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When to Include Legumes in Kids’ Diet?

Legumes stand out for their fiber content and essential nutrients like some minerals. They are also capable of helping to supplement protein intake.

When To Include Legumes In Kids' Diet?

Last Update: December 28, 2022

When is it convenient to include legumes in a child’s diet? This food is known for its abundant fiber content and essential nutrients. In addition, it is an important source of protein. The problem is that it is difficult to digest, which can cause some discomfort.

As a result, it should be introduced into a child’s diet with caution, only when their digestive system is more ready. This prevents the child from developing allergies or other problems that reduce their quality of life.

When can legumes be given to the baby?

It is possible to start complementary foods from the sixth month, At this time you can start giving legumes. It is important to start with those that are more easily digested. Otherwise, gas formation increases and intestinal discomfort appears.

In fact, some experts recommend waiting until the tenth month to ensure further intestinal development. Firstly, it is recommended to include in the diet legumes such as peas and lentils, which are in principle less weathering.

except, These can be crushed to avoid problems related to excessive fiber intake. Starting this year, other varieties such as beans and chickpeas will be tested.

Legumes are often introduced into the baby’s diet from the sixth month of life.

Why are legumes important in a baby’s diet?

Keep in mind that legumes guarantee a good intake of fiber. This substance is necessary for improving the health of the intestinal flora. It is capable of fermenting in the digestive tract, which generates the growth of intestinal bacteria.

on the other hand we are talking Foods that contain significant amounts of micronutrients. Among them, iron stands out, which, according to research published in , is a fundamental element to prevent the development of anemia. Medical Clinics of North America,

Similarly, legumes are optimal for increasing the protein content of the diet. Thanks to these nutrients, proper growth and development of tissues is ensured. In case the requirements are not guaranteed to be covered, May experience problems related to muscle loss,

It has been shown that reaching a minimum amount of protein throughout the day is essential for a child to grow properly.

aspects to consider

While including legumes in the diet of children, we should not forget some important points. first, always choose the freshest varieties, Because preserves contain excessive amounts of sodium due to the brine.

Also, it is important to leave them soaked for at least 24 hours to soften them and digest more efficiently afterwards. This way they will be softer in texture, making it easier for the baby to consume them.

Note that it is possible to crush the beans to make them easier to consume. However, in recent years baby led weaning, the protocol under which food is given to the child in its natural state. In any case, special precautions should be taken with choking.

At the end, It remains to verify whether the child is not allergic to these foods. Otherwise, it will be necessary to remove them from the diet.

Which legumes are recommended in baby food?

It is important to seek the best ways to keep the children nurtured in a mutually agreeable manner.

As we mentioned, it is advised to give priority to the consumption of peas and lentils. These foods can be mixed with pieces of meat to make a puree. This ensures a more complete supply of nutrients, especially obtaining proteins of high biological value.

Other varieties may be introduced progressively., although the last in the diet should be peanuts. Although many people consider them to be nuts, they are botanically a legume. They are difficult to chew, which can increase the risk of suffocation of the baby.

How to prepare legumes for baby?

Firstly, the best way to introduce legumes in a baby’s diet is through purees. To make them easier to consume, it is optimal to chop them scrupulously until a homogeneous paste is obtained.

Little by little, and as the child develops motor skills, You can offer them cooked to experiment with. And its texture and taste are consistent. You have to be careful to avoid suffocation. To do this, it is best to cook them until very soft.

Legumes, important foods in children’s diets

As mentioned, legumes are quite an important food item in the diet of children. Thus, It is advisable to start offering them from 6 or 10 months, According to intestinal tolerance.

Similarly, it is necessary to find out the allergy to these products, if any. Any digestive discomfort after eating this type of food should be reviewed by your doctor or pediatrician. It will be responsible for determining whether it is convenient to eliminate them from the diet in order to avoid greater evils.

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