Where is Griselda Blanco buried?

Where is Griselda Blanco buried?

The recent explosion of the bioseries ‘Griselda’ Netflix The public’s attraction towards the infamous has increased’ ‘Queen of Cocaine’ in Colombia, griselda blanco, As the series becomes a streaming phenomenon, explore iconic places in the lives of black mother‘ They shoot, with The location of his grave at the center of attention of “narco-pilgrims”.

What caused the controversy in ‘Griselda’?

Contrary to expectations, the final resting place Griselda Blanco does not boast luxury, The bioseries sparked controversy when it was accused of advocating violence and reinforcing Colombian stereotypes, but featured an interest in visiting the grave of a drug trafficker. murdered in 2012 It has increased considerably.

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Where does the ‘Queen of Cocaine’ “rest”?

griselda blanco got the end of it Near Cardiso Butcher Shop in Medellin When? A hitman killed him by shooting him twice in the head, later fled on his motorcycle. After the relevant legal procedures, Blanco’s family buried him. Jardines Montesacro Cemetery in Itaguí, Colombia, It should be noted that his final resting place is a few steps away from the grave of another infamous character, Pablo Escobar.

Close to Pablo Escobar?

Despite criticism of “drug tourism” in Colombia, Curiosities about the location of the tomb of Griselda Blanco Has contributed to increasing tourism in the cemetery. The simple gray marble mausoleum, far from the luxury that characterized the convict’s life, has become a center of attraction for hundreds of daily visitors. DThere is a distance of just over 100 steps between Blanco’s tomb and Escobar’s tomb. It adds an extra element to the interesting journey.

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A new tourist destination?

simplicity of Grave of Griselda Blanco This is in contrast to the luxury he enjoyed during his leadership Rafic of cocaine in Colombia. There has been a significant increase in visitor inflow in Montesacro Cement Plant Located in itagui Antioquia is largely attributed to the premiere of the series on Netflix, which turned the place into a center of interest for crime history fans.

Does being bad sell more?

Finally, the grave of griselda blanco has become the destination of “medicine pilgrimage” unexpected, highlighting the public’s fascination with obscure characters and their legacies even after death. Although opinions about the series may have been polarized, there is no doubt that it rekindled interest in the story of this infamous Is Crime statistics.

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