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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Where the body of Mansukh Hiren was found, now the body of Sheikh Salim Abdul was found: Police engaged in investigation

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A corpse has been found again in the area of ​​Mumbra in Mumbai, from where the body of Mansukh Hiren was found. Mansukh Hiren was the owner of the Scorpio car, which was found outside the Antilia, a 27-storey house in Mumbai-based Mukesh Ambani, with explosive material. In this whole case, a police officer named Sachin Waje has been arrested, who has also been a leader of Shiv Sena. They have been suspended.

The mystery of Mansukh Hiren’s death and the many handkerchiefs found in his mouth were not solved even now that another corpse from the same area created a sensation. This corpse was found from Mumbra Cay Bandar area. Mumbra Police is visiting the scene and investigating. This is the place where the body of Mansukh Hiren was found. The dead someone’s identification Sheikh Salim Abdul, who is said to be around 48 years of age.

The police is investigating whether it is a suicide or a murder. On the other hand, the special NIA court has rejected the petition of Sachin Waje, in which he requested to meet his lawyer. The NIA suspects that the plot of the entire episode was hatched at the Police Headquarters and Assistant Police Inspector (API) Sachin Waje’s home in Thane. Mansukh Hiren had been in the police headquarters before.

Investigation reveals that Vaje only drove the Scorpio and after parking it, he escaped by sitting in the Innova. The NIA recreated the entire scene by tying a safa on the head of Sachin Waje and wearing him a kurta. On the spot, the common people were stopped and brought to Dummy Scorpio. Sachin Waje was wearing a kurta-pajama, which looked like a PPE kit, to deceive CCTV cameras.

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