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Where To Learn Programming For Beginners?

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It is beneficial to begin by learning to code utilizing all the free materials available online if you are completely unfamiliar with the world of programming and web development.

Before spending money on a particular programming language or package of classes, you can find out what you enjoy and dislike by making use of these tools as you start to program for free. You’ll be able to harness your motivation to continue learning how to program online most effectively once you’ve gone through plenty of free coding tutorials to identify that direction.

Here are several resources from which you can learn to program as a beginner and even get help with coding homework.

Learning Programming For Beginners


One of the most well-known free coding tutorial websites for novices is Codecademy. You can learn programming and other practical expertise on their website. It is well-deserved for its status as one of the top free coding websites. The core concept of Codecademy is participatory learning, which means you can read a little, input your code directly into the web, and get results immediately.

They provide free training in a variety of programming languages, including HTML and CSS, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Angularjs, and more.


With its expert and diverse course offerings, Coursera is among the finest websites to start coding for free. The website offers a sizable collection of online courses given by reputable university instructors or well-known corporations (i.e., Google, IBM). Although all programs are free, you can pay for a “Coursera Verified Certificate” (cost varies from $30 to $100) to demonstrate course fulfillment. Sometimes purchasing a certification also gives you access to materials that are not included in the free editions. Additionally, Coursera provides online diplomas and “Specializations,” which are groupings of courses on a particular subject and often conclude with a capstone project.

Khan Academy

The web page of Khan Academy boasts that “You can learn anything,” and among the numerous subjects it offers are many programming languages. Literally, the entire family may learn how to program for free because a few free programming classes are available for younger children, too!

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT admissions may be competitive, but there is no fee and no required SAT score to obtain their online course materials. Every discipline they teach is kept up to date in a digital catalog that anybody can access without creating an account; simply search for a course to get started. So yes, MIT offers free programs and courses.


Nearly 200 free programming courses are available at Udacity, along with “Nanodegrees” that prepare you for jobs like the front web developer or analyst. There is no cost for the course materials. However, Nanodegrees have a tuition charge.


Anyone may learn to program on SoloLearn, a social learning platform. Because it is mobile-based and allows users to learn to program on the move on any gadget, it differs from other online programming course providers. It makes the learning process to program fun and is available for download for free. In addition, it features bite-sized lectures, milestones to unlock, and engaging quizzes.

Their goal is to encourage people to pursue careers as programmers by making coding accessible, economical, and enjoyable. You may find just about whatever you’ve wanted to learn on their free coding-for-beginners website because they provide more than 200 technology-related topics.

How To Learn Programming For Beginners

Take Online Courses

You don’t necessarily need to enroll in a university to learn to code. In today’s world, there are numerous programming lectures and tutorials that share topics including database systems, HTML, as well as sophisticated algorithms.

You can study the fundamentals of a programming language from an online course. The ones with homework and interactive modules are the best.

The course structure that online courses have is important as computer programming learning is built on one another. A planned online course will ensure that you’re learning everything systematically.

Take Up Programming Projects

You won’t be able to learn to code unless you practice it. You can read a lot of theory online, and go through codes and syntax. However, that won’t make you a good programmer unless you put into practice what you have studied. Therefore, you must take up programming projects.

Whatever software or web application you create in a specific language is a project. Therefore, you may start with short-term, small projects in the beginning.

You might be given tasks in a class that is meant to help you understand a certain idea. You can try a ton of introductory programming tasks on your own as well.

A Few Projects You Can Try

  • Time converters ask the user for their choice of seconds and then output the corresponding value in hours, seconds, days, etc.
  • A tool that generates random numbers between user-specified ranges of two values.
  • An output is produced by your application when the user selects their inputs and arithmetic function in a calculator.
  • A contact list where users can enter the names of their contacts and then search for those contacts in your application.

Best Programming Language For Beginners


One of the most widely utilized programming languages nowadays is Python. Python is the 4th popular language among programmers, citing a 2020 Stack Overflow survey. When compared with other programming languages, Python usage seems to be increasing.

Python is an all-purpose language that, due to its resemblance to English and its requirement for graphical formatting, is considered one of the simplest to read and comprehend. Additionally, Python has a sizable user base and a wealth of free educational resources available online that can assist you with problem-solving.


Ruby is simple to use and has a syntax similar to Python. In contrast to several other languages, Ruby supports various programming paradigms, namely object-oriented, function, and procedural programming. After becoming proficient in Python, learning Ruby is a great next step because the two languages have a lot in common.


Java is a versatile language with a large user base and a wealth of training materials, similar to Python. As a result, it makes a great first language. Programmers widely use Java to build mobile systems and software. Some Java bootcamps either exclusively teach Java or do so in the first phases.

A Final Word

This article shared how beginners can learn to code, the best places for learning how to code, and the best coding languages for beginners.

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