Where to watch Boys, the people’s movie

The men put the Argentine fans as the protagonists

Almost a year after one of the happiest days for many Argentines, the dedication of Argentina’s team as world champion comes first “Boys,” the film that brought the moon to life in the world.

“Boys: The Movie of the People,” produced by Pampa Films, aired on Thursday, December 7, throughout the country.

Boys: the movie of the people

The film directed by Jesús Braceras is a cinematographic experience. The film has a story format, written by Hernán Casciari and told by actor Guillermo Francella.

Loss protagonists from the movie Boys are Argentina fans. To make a movie of, for, and with the people, the fans are the real stars of the story. To do this, they collected a large amount of videos of fans from all over the world.

The Men Put The Argentine Fans As The ProtagonistsThe Men Put The Argentine Fans As The Protagonists
The men put the Argentine fans as the protagonists

From the fans inside the stadiums in Qatar to the squares in Argentina, In addition, there are many influencers and famous media people, including those who attended the games and others who covered the event on television programs or social networks.

The production has goals so that fans remember the sensations they experienced during all the matches of the Argentine National Team in Qatar. In addition to the videos they got from fans, you can see exclusive images taken during drone celebrations and since the day they arrived in the country.

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the narration by Guillermo Francella has more value because of the emotion it conveys and the feeling that it is an acquaintance excitingly telling a unique story.

In the trailer, you will hear a fragment of the introduction from the film. The actor said, “We had no idea that something like this would happen. There is no precedent in the world. They say that in India, for mysterious reasons, sometimes 3 or 4 million people take to the streets, but for religious reasons, never for a sport! Everything is strange; it looks like a movie, but it’s not a movie.”

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At the moment, guys, you can see it in theaters. However, since Star is the production company handling its distribution, it is possible to see the film on the Star+ platform. No date has been confirmed for its premiere on the streaming service, but it could be within the first months of 2024.

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I choose to believe the AFA film

The Afa Released Their Official World Cup Documentary The Afa Released Their Official World Cup Documentary
The AFA released their official World Cup documentary

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) also released his film in theaters on Thursday, December 7. I choose to believe it consists of a documentary film that tells the road and the course of the World Cup from experience with the Argentine National Team.

I choose to believe it was directed by Gonzalo Arias and produced by Grupo Octubre, GM, Tronito, and FilmSuez, with Digicine in charge of distribution.

The documentary has exclusive testimonials from players and coaching staff. Some of the players present are Lionel Messi, Emiliano Martínez, Rodrigo de Paul, Nicolás Otamendi, Ángel Di María, Enzo Fernández, Julián Álvarez, Nahuel Molina, and Gonzalo Montiel. This is one of the most anticipated moments of the film, where fans can hear the first-person account of the story and the feelings of the players.

I choose to believe that there are exclusive videos and pictures of the team’s privacy throughout the month in Qatar, especially the celebration after the final.

Like Boys, the documentary has a talkative, and this is the actor of Argentina, Ricardo Darín. One of the phrases that stood out and excited the audience at the preview of the film was “There is a day when all Argentines are happy at the same time.”

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Where do the boys look, or do I choose to believe?

Boys And I Choose To Believe Are Must-See Movies For All Argentine Soccer FansBoys And I Choose To Believe Are Must-See Movies For All Argentine Soccer Fans
Boys and I Choose to Believe are must-see movies for all Argentine soccer fans

Boys and I Choose to Believe are two different movies, so there is no need to choose one over the other. Both are projects that all football and national team fans can enjoy.

men, from the part of the people, made the viewer feel part of the World Cup and have a leading role in the film. Moments with a sense of humor and togetherness that many Argentines can identify with.

On the other hand, I choose to believe that the format of The documentary exposes the team and lets fans know how they experienced it. With testimonies and images of intimacy, we see a side of football that is not usually shown.

Both films excite Argentines and go to history as stories of a unique month in which we all had fun.