Where to watch the launch of the new Space

Where to watch the launch of the new Space

Private missions to space continue to grow and one of the main players is SpaceX. And this Wednesday, its Falcon 9 rocket will launch a new private lander to the Moon for the company Intuitive Machines and NASA. Both the launch and previous preparations can be seen via various broadcasts on the NASA and SpaceX channels.

According to a release, the landing mission, called IM-1, is scheduled for 07:57 pm on February 14 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida and if all goes well, IM-1 will land on the moon on February 22. .

IM-1 is part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Service program and conducts NASA experiments “focusing on plume-surface interactions, space weather-lunar surface interactions, radio astronomy, space landing technologies.” “A communications and navigation node and navigation technologies for precision and future autonomous vehicles,” according to NASA’s description.

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Today, February 12, NASA will host its audio-only NASA TV Channel to review the scientific experiments being conducted on the mission. It will start at 5:00 pm peninsular time. On Tuesday, February 13, NASA, SpaceX and Intuitive Machines will hold a pre-launch press conference to review preparations for the launch of the IM-1 lunar lander and its Falcon 9 rocket. It will start at 7:30 pm and it will also be audio only.

The main day will be 14 February, when NASA will begin the live broadcast at 06:15 and will be broadcast live on NASA TV. It should be noted that the exact timing of the IM-1 launch will depend on weather, launch vehicle and other conditions.

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“Coverage is subject to change based on operational activities in real time,” NASA warned in a statement. The agency will provide updates on the mission through its Artemis NASA blog.


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