Where will the 2022 Davis Cup Finals take place and how will they be played: description and format of the tournament definition

Davis Cup 2022 you already have 16 teams who will be their hero endingCompete for the Legendary Win in the Last Months of the Season salad bowl.

Without the presence of the defending champions, RussiaBut historical teams like . with Spain, France, Argentina, USA, Australia, Sweden and Germany, Other than this Serbia de Novak Djokovic and the final runner-up, Croatiaor young talents Italy and CanadaGreat matches can be expected.

Where will the 2022 Davis Cup final be played? What is the format and what are the dates? All the information below.

Where will the 2022 Davis Cup final be played?

In your first example, Davis Cup Final 2022 they will have four different places around Europe. Unipol Arena Stadium Bologna, Italy, Emirates Arena Glasgow, Great Britain, LM Rothenbaum D Hamburg, Germany; and the Font de Sant Lluís Municipal Pavilion Valencia Spain, The venues of this phase will be

Meanwhile, the Definition of the tournament will be played at the Palacio de Deportes José María Martín Carpea Stadium. Malaga, Spain.

All matches will be played on hard surfaces and indoors.

How is the 2022 Davis Cup Final Format?

Davis Cup

The 16 teams that qualified for the 2022 Davis Cup Final were divided into four homers Which will run from 14 to 18 September. The top two teams from each of those groups Will reach the final stage in Malaga, which will be from 24 to 27 November from quarter finalsWith a chain of direct elimination.

Each final matchup will be of only three gamesTwo singles and one doubles, these are among the best of all three sets.

How are the 2022 Davis Cup Finals Played?


  • In Group A, Bologna: Italy, Argentina, Croatia and Sweden
  • In Group B, Valencia: Spain, Canada, Serbia and South Korea
  • In Group C, Hamburg: Germany, France, Belgium and Australia
  • In Group D, Glasgow: Great Britain, the United States, Kazakhstan and the Netherlands


Argentina time (-2 in Mexico, -1 in the eastern United States and +5 in Spain)

Group A

Day Hour Broken
13 september 12:00 Argentina Vs. Sweden
14 september 12:00 Croatia vs. Italy
September 15 12:00 Croatia vs. Sweden
16 September 12:00 Argentina vs Italia
september, 17 12:00 Croatia vs. Argentina
September 18 12:00 Suesia Vs. Italy

Group B

Day Hour Broken
13 september 12:00 Canada Vs. South Korea
14 september 12:00 Spain vs. Serbian
September 15 12:00 Serbia vs. South Korea
16 September 12:00 Spain vs. Canada
september, 17 12:00 Canada Vs. Serbia
September 18 12:00 Spain vs. South Korea

Group C

Day Hour Broken
13 september 12:00 Belgium Vs. Australia
14 september 12:00 France vs. Germany
September 15 12:00 France vs. Australia
16 September 12:00 Germany Vs. Belgium
september, 17 12:00 France vs. Belgium
September 18 12:00 Germany Vs. Australia

Group D

Day Hour Broken
13 september 12:00 Kazakhstan Vs. Netherlands
14 september 12:00 United States Vs. Britain
September 15 12:00 United States Vs. Kazakhstan
16 September 12:00 Netherlands vs. Britain
september, 17 12:00 Netherlands vs. America
September 18 12:00 Great Britain Vs. Kazakhstan


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