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Which 4 technologies will flourish in the next 20 years?

Smartphones, electric cars, 5G… these are technological developments that are already part of our everyday life. But what are the next 4 technologies that will flourish in the next 20 years?

loss technological advances What we have seen in many Hollywood movies has come true. Smartphone, Electric Car or 5G There are few of them that we can mention. but here 4 technologies that will flourish in the next 20 yearsAccording to Aditi Ganguly on Yahoo Finance: Generative AI, commercial space exploration, green hydrogen and the private equity secondary market. While the latter does not represent a technological breakthrough, it is worth noting when investing in the coming years to bring about change.

Smartphone and electric cars concept seen an impossible dream 20 years agobut nowadays, About 6.92 billion people, or 86.4% of the world’s population, are personal smartphones. governments around the world are moving towards a green future promoting the use of electric vehicles Instead of fuel powered vehicles.

may invest in cutting edge technologies Grow your wealth over the next two decades, Take a look at some of the most promising techniques taking hold.

generative artificial intelligence

in recent months, Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) It has taken a much bigger role in daily life than usual. chatgpt rewriting resumes and being used in publications such as buzzfeed, But this is only the beginning. While ChatGPT is growing in prominence, other aspects of the field have not been appreciated.

For example, RAD AI is a startup using generative AI to increase the efficiency of marketing campaigns with the world’s first AI marketing platform built to understand emotion., Startups picking up on startup investment platform funder and are raised over $2.5 million,

Examples of other types of generative AI include programs used to Generate images, paintings, drawings, text to speech and full videos Using AI only.

commercial space exploration

2021 was an important year for commercial space explorationwith new companies like Provided by Blue Origin LLC, Jeff Bezos, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) by Elon MuskWhich successfully promoted commercial space travel. Virgin Galactic, backed by billionaire Richard Branson, It also launched the first fully crewed flight to the edge of space in July 2021.

These new companies are preparing to Start commercial space travel by 2024. but expressed concern Recession and supply chain issuesNo concrete plans have been made. Many companies pushed back their schedules by at least a year as macroeconomic headwinds increased.

Thief Each ticket costs approximately $500,000 One, commercial space travel is currently only accessible to high net worth individuals, But you can expect prices to drop over the next two decades as companies invest heavily to develop sustainable space stations and other infrastructure. china business knowledge predicts that space travel will More affordable in next 15 to 20 yearss, saying that “many people alive today will have a real opportunity to travel to space during their lives.”

green hydrogen

Most of the policies developed by the nations in the last two years have focused on transition to carbon neutral energy, Although the energy crisis resulting from the protracted war between Russia and Ukraine has deviated from the timeline, many countries have committed Phase out fossil fuel emissions to eliminate your carbon footprint by 2050,

Solar, Wind and Geothermal Energy They are at the forefront of this change, and the popularity of hydrogen as an alternative source is at its peak. green is hydrogen Immense applications in agriculture, manufacturing and transportation industries, startup electric hydrogenheadquarters in Boston, which produces green hydrogen from water, It raised $198 million in Series B funding last June.

Although Producing green hydrogen is expensiveScientists around the world are working to develop ways to commercially produce carbon-neutral hydrogen. Norwegian Fuel Cell Company in saaThe world’s largest electrolyzer manufacturer, expects Green hydrogen production costs equal to or less than fossil fuel production by 2025 at the earliest,

secondary private capital market

He private equity market dominated by venture capitalist and angel investor, This has been a point of contention for retail investors for some time now. triggered meme shares rise in the last two years, since Retail investors used social media to create massive selling pressure on institutional investors.

But with the growing popularity of startup investing among everyday investors, companies are working to Establishing a robust secondary market for the resale of private equity properties, startup usually remain private for 10 to 12 years before being mature enough to be listed on the stock marketmeanwhile he Initial capital invested remains locked, But with the development of a secondary trading market, institutional and retail investors don’t have to wait for a Initial Public Offering (IPO) To capitalize on your investment.

start engineThe largest equity crowdfunding startup in the US is working to grow inclusive secondary market for trading in such securities, As the private equity market develops rapidly, secondary trading markets that facilitate the resale of such asset classes are expected to be one of the largest developments in the retail investment space.

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