Which AI image generator is the best?

Which AI image generator is the best?

Notice: Make me a picture of a Christmas card from a New York City tech publication about blue-themed elves and vampires

Classification: Dall-E, Playground, Midjourney, Meta

Analysis: Dall-E won the Christmas card contest by a mile. “New York Tech City” and “Happy Holistmas” are probably mistakes, but I find them charming. It also fits perfectly with the tone and concepts I like. Midjourney did one thing well, but it scared me. The playing field is very close, and I think the Meta is confusing New York City with the mafia because this Christmas card looks amazingly scary.

Judgment: Midjourney was the most successful AI image generator of the four tested by Gizmodo. The images produced by Midjourney are incredibly detailed, amazingly creative, and often more interesting than what I could create on my own, which are the main things most people are looking for. for an AI image generator. Not to mention, Midjourney is cheaper than Dall-E or Playground, although you can use it via Discord. If you’re not familiar with Discord, that can be a hindrance, but I found my experience using Midjourney to be very enjoyable and well worth the $10 a month.

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OpenAI’s Dall-E is the runner-up, but I think Dall-E does a better job of matching the tone of my requests. In other words, Dall-Emore was always close to what I thought, while Midjourney always gave me something better. That said, sometimes I don’t want a creative image; I want exactly what I’m asking for. If that’s what you’re looking for, Dall-E is your place.

The game won third place because it made its fair share of mistakes, but every now and then it surprised me with beautiful images that looked like they could have come from Dall-E or Midjourney. As it is, I won’t pay for the unlimited version of Playground if I can pay $5 more for Dall-E or, better yet, $5 less for Midjourney.

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And in the last place, think of Meta AI, the completely free product on the list. I like Meta AI, and I really enjoy their cartoon creations. However, it doesn’t come close to Midjourney’s capabilities. If you need something quick, easy, and free, I suggest just using Playground, Dall-E, or Midjourney for free trials.

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