Which European country offers work visas to Argentine professionals?

Region of Tyrol, in the heart of the Austrian Alps.  Photo: Archive.

When the idea of ​​migrating to Europe in search of new experiences or economic development arises, more traditional countries such as Spain are usually considered, where Argentines benefit from the language and customs. As well as Italy, Portugal, and France. However, there is one country in Europe where you can work and earn more than 3,000 euros per month, and that country is also looking for foreign professionals and offers a variety of work and study visas.

Austria, which has become one of the best options to migrate since the list of vacant jobs published by the government because they are scarce in the country, exceeds 100 professions and trades.

In addition, this country is characterized by a quality health and education system, where primary and kindergarten are free. Higher studies cost 20 euros per semester.

For its part, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) considers that Austria is a country with a high health index because it is above average in jobs and income, housing, health system, personal security, environmental quality, and education. Great buildings, historic tours, and good beer.

According to the Data Macro site, the average salary in Austria in 2022 will be 52,666 euros per year, approx. 4,389 euros per month. According to the Playlab platform, a trade job, such as a painter, can be obtained between 1,660 and 3,500 euros.

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What professions and trades are most needed in Austria?

The list reaches 100, here are some:

  • energy engineers
  • mechanical engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Telecommunication engineers
  • Accountants
  • Doctors
  • Business Administration graduates

Region Of Tyrol, In The Heart Of The Austrian Alps.  Photo: Archive.

  • Torneros
  • Welders
  • Blacksmiths
  • Nurses
  • Blacksmiths
  • Chefs
  • Mechanics
  • Freemasons
  • Butchers
  • Florist
  • Hotel and restaurant professionals
  • Dental prosthesis technicians
  • Dealers
  • Pastry chefs
  • house painters
  • furniture manufacturers
  • Waitresses
  • Masseurs

To consult the complete list, click here.

What are the requirements to move to Austria?

  • Have knowledge of German or domain of English.
  • there Argentine passport.
  • trust health insurance.
  • Show a minimum amount of 1.100 euros to maintain.
  • Submit a rental contract where you are going.

What are the work visas offered in Austria?

1) Study visa: This alternative is one of the most common. The main requirement is knowledge of German, although some universities also accept young people who speak English fluently and can prove it. With this visa you can access any degree study. In addition, another benefit is its permission work 20 hours per week to have a fixed income.

2) Residence permit. Workers of a multinational company transferred to Austria obtain this certificate. The requirements are a previous employment contract and a document to prove that the company sent it to the country.

Another condition to get it is to stay 9 months at least live in the territory of Austria. For interns or young interns, this requirement is reduced to half a year as a rule.

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3) Seasonal worker. Las tourism companies that of agriculture They allow workers to access a special residence permit. The only requirement is to stay in the country for 9 months and the employer must show that the foreigner is welcome to work.

4) Work visa. This permission is for professionals and managed by points. The main requirement is to have a proper job offer and a degree. The system is measured based on work and academic merit.

These are the most in-demand jobs in the country that allow graduates of these careers to access a permit. These jobs are categorized by region on the official immigration site for job seekers.

5) Jobs with a shortage. The list published by the Government enables tourists with a professional certificate for certain trades to apply for a visa to live in Austria.

For more information, enter the Austrian embassy link by clicking here.

The Volksgarten Garden In Vienna: Austria Offers Beautiful Sights To Enjoy.  Photo: Shutterstock.

How to apply from Argentina

Austria’s job search platform is races, one of the most popular job search sites. Like any other website of this type, you can filter by job and region. Once you have chosen the job you want to apply for, you need to meet certain requirements.

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If you are a citizen of European Union, a request for documentation must be submitted to the competent national authority after three months of residence in the country. In the case of living in Austria to get a job, you must apply for a residence permit for the purposes of paid work.

However, any citizen of Argentina may request to be admitted as a permanent immigrant by applying to red, white and red card. The card is valid for 24 months and allows you to reside in Austria. The form costs less than $200 and you can only work for the employer specified on your application.

The red, white and red card can only be obtained by those people who belong to one of the following groups:

  • Highly qualified workers
  • Skilled workers in scarce jobs
  • Other important workers
  • Graduates of Austrian universities and faculties of higher education
  • Regular workers in tourism, agriculture and forestry
  • Self-employed key workers
  • Startup promoters

Along with the application for the red, white and red card, they must submit a education certificate and employment confirmation to show that they have work experience. In addition, other mandatory requirements take a German and English courses beginner level (known by its acronym A1) and lower level (A2).