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Which insect has bitten me? These are the differences in insect bites

a night of Heat You are enjoying the sea breeze and having a nice dinner with friends on the terrace. However, despite the pleasant atmosphere, pleasant companions do not begin to come.: flies, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, They are all recurring visitors during this season, and you can’t get rid of them as you will find them on the beach, in the mountains, in the pool and even inside your home. some of his the bite may go unnoticed and be harmless, but other people can become infected, cause a allergic reaction or even spread certain diseases, such as malaria or Lime.

Often the body’s immediate response simply involves redness and swelling at the cutting site. Although toxic substance They act either locally or systemically depending on the type of insect, the amount of toxic substance and the response of our body. To learn how to do the job and it doesn’t cause any major problems, in this article we’ll take a look at the s. collectbite symptoms of the most common insects and we explain how to tell them apart so that they can be resolved.


In summer these bites are part of our daily life. He too buzz Mosquitoes that cause it, especially when you are sleeping. First of all, it is not worrisome, as it produces only symptoms. itching and swelling In the area of ​​the bite (usually on the extremities).

something else might irritate and a Small rash in the form of blisters or pimples. The bites disappear after a few days, although they itch until then. The most common remedies are freezing it, washing it with soap and water, or applying baking soda. There are also antihistamine creams.

These tiny creatures usually feed on the blood of other animals, including our pets. Therefore, it is common that they jump to humans as well. they usually act in a group, so they usually appear small red bumps, In groups of three or four, in a straight line.

It is normal that they also produce a lot Itching, It should be added that fleas can cause allergic skin reactions, such as hivesBut injuries are more common Papularythematosus. You can wash them with soap and water, apply calamine lotion or anti-itch cream.

Both bites are a summer classic. Experts at persecuting us and hanging around our tables. Unlike the unmistakable and silent mosquito bites, Sting Because of both the species a Sharp pain We will also notice redness, warmth and significant swelling in the area for a day or two.

The inflamed area is crowned with a small center point and a white mark Which indicates where the sting has pierced the skin. The difference between bees and wasps is that the former can sting only once.

it is the bite, which are not bites as you might think, are the hardest to differentiate from those caused by mosquitoes, especially in the early stages. Its bite differs from other stings because it contains two puncture marks, nodules, and the reaction appears as a raised papule, pustule, or weal followed by redness and tenderness.

We mention common spiders, which do not pose a danger to humans. However, there is some types of spidersBlack widow, stray spider, funnel web spider (Australia), wandering spider (South America), tarantula or wolf spider) whose bite may cover high gravity and even become life threatening.

Ticks are critters that can join you as you passe Shrubs, plants and grasses, Once attached, ticks often travel hot and humid places body, such as armpits, waist and hair. When they attach to our skin, they do this very tightly and start sucking our blood.

Most tick bites are painless and only cause minor signs and symptoms such as changes in skin color, swelling, or skin pain, they also cause biggest red circle around the original bite. On the other hand, some ticks transmit disease-causing bacteria, including Lyme disease, Tularemia or Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
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