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Which movies were used as influences for the making of “The Last of Us”?

“The Last of Us” It has established itself as one of the favorite premieres of 2023. Starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, the HBO production surprises with its high technical level and fine development of the Naughty Dog video game origin story.

In this context, today I remember that interview of the director. Dan Trachtenberg One Neil Druckmann During the DICE Summit. In this wide-ranging conversation, the creative admits that he was influenced by various audiovisual productions during the birth of his popular video game.

Do you want to know what are the movies that inspired the series hbo max, Below, we present 5 of them.

The Movies That Inspired “The Last of Us” Series

1. “Night of the Living Dead”

druckmann revealed that the initial idea for the video game came while he was a student at Carnegie Mellon University. They participated in a competition in which they had to develop a creative concept which was to be evaluated by a film producer. George A Romero,

So, he was inspired by the movie “Night of the Living Dead” (“Night of the Living Dead”, 1968) by the same director and, although he did not win, he continued to work on his idea.

Summary: Radiation from a satellite causes the awakening of the dead, who rise from their graves and attack living beings for food. The action takes place in the Pennsylvania countryside, where Barbara and Ben will try to escape from brutal zombies.

Currently, you can watch it in Spain and Latin America via MUBI.

2. “No Country for Old Men”

According to druckmanntape “No Country for Old Men” (2007) It has memorable characters and lots of tension without the need for big fights. This is something they wanted to replicate in the game.

in spanish the feature film is known as “no country for old men” hey “No Room for Cowards”run by brothers koen and stars starring Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones and Javier Bardem.

Summary: It is set in 1980’s Texas. A drug smuggling operation ends in a river of blood after buyers and sellers fail to understand each other. That is until the desert site arrives with Llewelyn Moss, a hunter who finds himself in this horrifying landscape and a briefcase with two million dollars. The temptation to keep the money is so great that he runs away with the loot, oblivious to the danger.

The film is available to rent and purchase on iTunes. In addition, in Spain it is also in the Movistar Plus catalogue.


3. “28 Days Later”

Neil Druckmann and Bruce StraleyA developer of Naughty Dog, gave an interview to Empire and admitted that “28 Days Later” (2002) Zombie was one of the films that influenced him. It focused on the characters, as they sought to replicate.

feature film of Danny Boyle in spanish known as “Destruction” and “28 Days Later”, In addition, it stars cillian murphy,

Summary: Everything has changed after 28 days. Jim wakes up in a hospital and the town is completely deserted, or at least he thinks so. A strange virus recently released from a research lab has destroyed the entire planet and the human race is facing imminent extinction. Men have become a strange species who crave only to kill or rather to swallow. Only a few survivors will try to find a way to salvation. A way in which they will know terror, which they never imagined before.


4. “The Crazies”

Like the previous tapes, “The Crazies” (2010) It focuses on the protagonist rather than the development of the transition. the director brack eisneralso known as film “Doomsday” this is a remake of the movie George A Romero Since 1973.

Summary: After a freak plane crash, a virus makes its way into a traditional farming town. A young couple in quarantine is struggling to survive, but not without some help.

You can watch it in Spain through Amazon Prime Video. In Latin America, from Netflix and HBO Max.


5. “Gravity”

Bruce Straley confessed “gravity” (since 2013 alphonso cuarón It was a great inspiration, as it has a simpler story, but is no less intense for it. Indeed, a model to follow in the design of its locations and story.

Summary: While repairing a satellite outside their ship, two astronauts have a serious accident and are left floating in space. They are Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant engineer on his first space mission, and Matt Kowalski, a veteran astronaut. The outer mission seemed routine, but space debris rains down on them and disaster strikes: the satellite and part of the ship are destroyed, leaving Ryan and Matt completely alone, from the moment they set out to find a solution. Will try in every way. to return to earth.

you can see “gravity” HBO Max in Spain and Latin America.

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