Which saint's birthday is celebrated today, Monday, 5 February? Complete list of saints

Santa Águeda de Catania.

Agueda is a feminine name Greek root What does it mean ‘Kind, This time, 9.002 Women in Spain receive this name and celebrate their saint because of Saint Agueda.

According to tradition, Agatha of Catania was a Virgin this Martyr From the third century onwards. , in the work of a geographer James of Voragine, golden story His life and work have been collected.

Quintianus, governor of Sicily during the time of the Roman emperor Decius, who ordered the persecution of Christians, was rejected by a young Agatha. The woman had offered her virginity to Jesus Christ. Quintus, seeking revenge for denying him his pleasures, sends him to a brothel run by a woman named Aphrodisia, where Agatha miraculously keeps him virginity,

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Even more enraged, the governor ordered the torture of the young woman and the cutting off of her breasts. The response of the man who later became a saint was: “Cruel tyrant, are you not ashamed of torturing a woman at the same breast on which you fed her in childhood?”

Backwards, St. Peter He appeared before Agueda and healed his wounds. But the woman continued to be tortured, thrown on burning coals and rolled into the city of Catania in Sicily (Italy). Legend has it that when he died he shouted out loud with joy, thanking God.

A year after his death, in 252, the volcano Etna It erupted and the inhabitants of Catania prayed for his intervention to stop the lava at the city gates. Since then, Saint Agueda has been its patron saint. catania and everyone’s sicily And it is used to prevent damage from fire, lightning and volcanoes in and around volcanoes.

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It is also used with Breast problems, difficult delivery and breastfeeding problems, He is generally considered the protector of women. She is the patron saint of nurses and was worthy of the palm of martyrdom with which she is commonly depicted.

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