Who are the Congress candidates? – financial

 Who are the Congress candidates?  - financial

Following the departure of Claudia Ruiz Massieu from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), her integration into the Citizens Movement (MC) bench has now been announced.

“Serving Mexico with conviction, principles and consistency has been and will be the foundation of my career. The current situation requires all of us to build bridges and reach agreements in favor of Mexico,” was part of his publication on the social network.

The former PRI member thanked Dante Delgado for his trust through her ‘X’ account, formerly Twitter, and reiterated that she will continue to fight for the causes she believes in.

In addition to Ruiz Masiú, the Movimiento Ciudadano announced the integration of other politicians into the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, among them the former governor of Yucatán, Ivón Ortega; Juan Ignacio Zavala, businessman Gustavo de Hoyos, Clemente Castañeda and Amalia García.

The Senate formula in Michoacán is composed of Carlos Herrera Tello and Michel Garibay; In Nayarit they are Ignacio Flores and Julieta Mejía; In Nuevo León, Luis Donaldo Colosio and Martha Patricia Herrera González.

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For Sonora, Ernesto and María Dolores Rosas Almada of Lucas Hopkins; In Tabasco, Gerardo Gaudiano Rovirosa and María Leticia González Calcancio and for Mexico City, veteran Alejandra Barrales.

In the case of CDMX, activists Kenya Cuevas, and Juan Pablo Delgado Miranda will run for federal deputy as candidates for District 3 in Guanajuato.

What are the proposals of civil movement in Congress?

Movimiento Ciudadano assured that in the Congress they would promote the “new” and at the same time they would focus on certain issues for the next legislature. Among its proposals are:

  • Decent working day.
  • Licensing for caregivers.
  • Labor inclusion for people with disabilities.
  • Social security for cultural workers.
  • Scholarship for children of police officers.
  • Clean and cheap energy.
  • Conservation of natural areas and oceans.
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