Who are the NBA who will play against Argentina?

The Bahamas share Group E of the 2023 World Cup Qualifier It will be played in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia. Along with Argentina, Canada, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Panama. He is currently last on the table, and looking to gain more competition, he added three players who have played in the NBA to the list. Bahamians They will be visiting a team led by Nestor García in Mar del Plata.

Buddy Heald was summoned by The Bahamas (AP).

Buddy Heald was summoned by The Bahamas ( Associated Press).

IThree NBA reinforcements are mentioned in the Bahamian list., which Venezuela will receive on the first 25th. Polideportivo de la Feliz will also host the match against Argentina on Monday, 29th of this month. The team currently selected is third in the group, one point behind the leader of Canada, who they will face on the first date of this window on the 25th in the City of Victoria.

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First among the additions is Indiana Pacers shooting guard Buddy Heald. The Freeport native averaged 15.6 points last seasonPlayed 81 matches. AndHe is the only one among the three who were already part of the team in these qualifiers. He played against the Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic, averaging 26 points per game.

The other player to join is Charlotte Hornets power forward Kai Jones. Perhaps the least relevant of the three, as he played very few games in his first year in the NBA (21 games). The 21-year-old measures 2.08 and averages one point per game in the NBA , He was selected by the New York Knicks in the 2021 draft, but was automatically traded to the Hornets.

Kai Jones hasn't played much in the NBA yet.

Kai Jones hasn’t played much in the NBA yet.

Finally, one name of the weight in the NBA appears on the list. Pivot of the Phoenix Suns (first time in the Western Conference of 2021/22; they fell in Semis vs. Dallas), Deandre Ayton, who has had a stellar career within the basketball elite, was named Rookie of the Year in 2018; He also participated in the Rising Stars Challenge in 2020 (where the best players in the NBA play). Ayton scored 17 points per game last season, where he played 58 games. ,

Ayton is one of the figures of the Sun (AP).

Ayton is one of the figures of the Sun ( Associated Press).

With these additions, the Bahamas will attempt to reverse its position. So far, they have played six games and won only two, both against the Virgin Islands. It has eight points, the same as Panama, and three behind its next rivals Argentina and Venezuela.

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Reinforced team of Bahamas

Travis Munnings Forward 1.93 SL Benfica
Michael Thompson Forward 2.00 La Cheaters
David Nesbitt Forward 2.00 Boca Juniors
cantwan smith small forward 2.03 Garron Asptt Basketball
Rashad Davis Wing 1.85 JAFET Foundation Globalcaja La Roda
JR Cadot short forward 1.96
danrad knowles Power Power 2.08
Willis McKay JR small forward 2.03 Mulhouse Basket Crowd
Dominic Bridgewater base 1.78 Sapela Basket
Buddy Heeld 1.93 Listen to the Indiana Pacer
tavario miller Pivot Wing 2.03 Minas Tennis Club
Franco Miller base 1.88 Florida Gulf Coast Eagles
Robert Joseph base 1.78
Michael Carey base 1.96
Mark Cornelius St. Fort small forward 2.05
Sebastian Genty Gray escort 1.98 St. Mary’s Uni Halifax
Shakwan Lewis Bess Lewis 1.78
chemsi sylvestre base 1.93
zane knowles Axle 2.08 PAOK Mateco
shakilo fritz Center 2.10 CB Zamora Aquimisa
Dajhon Wildgoose base 1.82
Jaron Cornish base 1.80 Zornotza Basketball Team
dayton albury base 1.88
Chipola College
Joshua Dames Eves 1.88 Kansas City College
Kai Jones Power Forward 2.08 Charlotte Hornet
deandre ayton Pivot 2.11 Phoenix Sun


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