Who is Julian Alvarez’s girlfriend Maria Emilia Ferrero whom the footballer presented on his Instagram

After various speculations about his love life, the star footballer Julian Alvarez Finally introduced his new girlfriend on social media: Maria Emilia Ferrero, One 22 years That he may have already been in a relationship with the athlete and with whom he has now reunited.

ferrero is cordovan Like a football player, but native to the capital of the province. The 22-year-old also shares her passion for sports with Alvarez and works as a physical education teacher.

As can be seen on his social networks, plays the role of jockey in Ferrero Athletic Club Barrio Parque from Cordoba. Months ago, the girl shared a photo of herself in the middle of the match with a post in which she expressed her happiness on returning to the court.

The young woman, who has more than 41,000 followers on Instagram, also published several photos in the rivers of Córdoba and at the Jesus Maria dressage and folklore festival she attends every year Traditional berets and espadrilles.

For his part, Alvarez’s father-in-law grew up in Limestonea small town in the department of second river, where Alvarez is from and encouraged him in many of his positions. The man also published photos that show he is a fan of River Plate and the same footballer signed a shirt for him in 2019. “Thank you very much Julian Alvarez”, at that time thanked the man who also called him “Crack Pichon”.

Although there has been a lot of speculation in recent months about Alvarez’s personal life, and he was also linked to former River footballer Marcelo Gallardo, Luciana Salazar. [ahora en el Manchester City]He denied any rumors by publishing a photo yesterday with Ferrero.

In the picture you can see two young men looking at the sunset from behind. Alvarez added a white heart to the image and then shared it with her 2.3 million followers, and the same young woman later re-posted the story on her Instagram.

Julian Alvarez and his girlfriend Emilia Ferrero
Julian Alvarez and his girlfriend Emilia Ferreroinstagram

After that, it didn’t take long for comments related to the announcement of the new romance. Several users celebrated the football player’s relationship and also indicated that Ferrero and Alvarez had indeed known each other for a long time. As the two Jones hinted that they might have been dating a few years back and then they might have spent some time apart.

“Take Care of Julie” was one of the most read creations on Ferrero’s account after the post made by River’s idol, along with the spiders and spiderweb emoji.

In recent times, the footballer has left many “likes”, now known as his girlfriend, who usually share pictures of outings, outings with friends, playing hockey with his club, barrio parque and his family. We do. -His sister, his brother and his parents- and his Chow Chow dog’s name is Teo.


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