Who is Kat Janis, the cancer-stricken singer who has written a song to help her son

Who is Kat Janis, the cancer-stricken singer who has written a song to help her son

The artist expressed her gratitude to see that she is having success with Dance You Outta My Head

Cat Janice is an interpreter of Dance You Outta My Head, a song that has gone viral. There’s a singer behind this pop song with a catchy chorus suffering from terminal cancer, The artist announced that the profits from this work would be given to his seven-year-old son. Public support propelled their single to the charts in late January.

,I leave all the profits to my son Who is very much into music, in the hope that she will get the encouragement she will need later in life… I want to leave smiles, rhythm and happiness for you and I know this is the right song for her Is,” he wrote Instagram On 5th January. He announced the release of the single on his birthday, 19 January.

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Janice He got married at the beginning of the year and is enjoying the success of his songs at home are receiving palliative care, She is accompanied by her husband, her son, her family and friends. “He just wants to leave the world with positivity, happiness and dance,” his brother told TODAY.

,dancing on the edge of destruction My heart beats faster,” indicates one of the verses of Dance You Outta My Head. The artist’s website highlights her transparency when talking about her fight against cancer: “Her songs reflect the struggles We go as deep as we do into the successes of that journey. Both his music and his publications on social networks took the open road Connecting on an unmatched level thanks to his absolute honesty and spirit.”

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Your thank you message

Cat Janice Published on January 30 Instagram Sent a message of gratitude after seeing that his song made it to a chart Board: “You made my dream come true when I needed it most.” The interpreter thanked those who gave him “another moment of feeling alive”. He concluded his text by writing: “i will always be grateful, No matter what God throws my way, I know I am loved.”


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