Who is Peregrine Pearson, the golden bachelor who dated Sophie Turner?

Who is Peregrine Pearson, the golden bachelor who dated Sophie Turner?

Not particularly pretty, But, most of all, he is very rich and has a luxurious surname with a long history in the British elite. Caught on camera in November

peregrine pearson With “Game of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner in Paris. It was a kiss that went viral around the world and made it clear that the two had rebuilt their lives after splitting from their previous partners. She has been separated since summer

pop star joe jonas,

The couple’s separation has been contentious, including a request for exclusive custody of their two daughters. But today it seems that the matter has calmed down. The actress assured that she and the millionaire heiress Pearson are in

Time to have fun and let yourself be free, In recent weeks, she has posted several photos on her Instagram account from a ski vacation with Pearson and several friends. Peregrine also recently ended a relationship: for three years he was the lover of Princess Maria Olympia of Greece.

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A millionaire surname and owner of many properties

Peregrine Pearson Go Ahead

A family with a long lineage. Pearson has owned the Cowdray Estate in East Sussex, one of the most important estates in England, for more than a century. The estate covers over 6,000 hectares and weddings are usually held there, but it also has homes

a select polo club, frequently visited by the royal family. The Prince of Wales, William, and his brother Harry have played in it on several occasions.

Perry is dedicated to managing this family business, which employs 200 people in the winter and another 150 in the summer. Besides,

About 400 families live on Pearson land. Various businesses, such as golf, luxury vacation rentals, a farm, and a medical and retirement center. A great social responsibility, according to the Pearson heirs.

Peregrine is the son of a documentary maker.

Michael Pearson, 4th Viscount Cowdray and of

marina rose cordal Daughter of Conservative MP John Cordley. Michael, whose childhood home is now a 22-room luxury hotel, is involved in a number of social causes, including the Tibet House Trust.

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The couple split last summer, after 36 years of marriage. Marina is passionate about Eastern philosophy, she is an expert in meditation and to date, she has been in charge of overseeing the various meditation programs organized by the estate, including the very prestigious Mindfulness Program.

Perry has four more brothers, Eliza, the eldest, married Norwegian financier Leif Kvall in Ibiza a few years ago in a ceremony held under the light of the full moon. She is a yoga teacher and manages an ecological farm on the island. Her other sisters, Emily and Katrina, are also dedicated to meditation like their mother. His youngest brother Montague is a helicopter pilot and a drone enthusiast.

Peregrine will inherit his father’s title,

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los pearson

Descendants of Samuel Pearson Founder of Pearson Publishing House, today is dedicated to school books. The family still owns shares in the company. During this,

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future 5th Viscount Cowdray He works in the real estate business as a partner in the investment company Weetman Developments. Weetman was the name of Peregrine’s grandfather, who was a naval officer and famous polo player. is the fate of the family

The price is 224 million pounds, The heir lives in a five million pound house, in the exclusive neighborhood of Chelsea.

The young man attracted media attention when he was seen with Princess Maria Olympia of Greece, granddaughter of King Constantine II, who died a year earlier, and granddaughter of King Charles III, with whom he had a three-year courtship. , which debuted in summer 2020. This couple was one of

«Power Couples» del Panorama Social more sophisticated. It was even said that they would get married. But it seems that relationship broke down last summer. The warning sign was Peregrine’s absence from Maria Olympia’s birthday party.


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