Who is Rasmus Hansen, the Norwegian deputy who nominated Gustavo Petro for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Who is Rasmus Hansen, the Norwegian deputy who nominated Gustavo Petro for the Nobel Peace Prize?

“Petro promotes a constructive, modern and comprehensive peace policy. “They have shown in practice that dialogue with armed actors can be an effective means of resolving conflicts and reducing violence.” With this message, the influential Norwegian deputy Rasmus Hansen confirmed this Thursday that he has nominated Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro for the Nobel Peace Prize. Which is awarded year after year by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

The award, given to people or organizations who have fought for peace, whether protecting human rights, promoting disarmament or resolving conflicts, has been awarded since 1901 and The long list of winners already includes a Colombian who was also president: Juan Manuel Santos, who received it in 2016 for his peace deal with the extinct FARC guerrilla. The 2023 Nobel Peace Prize winner is Iranian activist and journalist Nargess Mohammadi, who is imprisoned in her country.

The announcement of Petro’s nomination for the Nobel Prize comes just a day after the closing of applications, which, according to the committee, can only be made by a select group of people, including deputy Rasmus Hansson.

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“Each year, thousands of members of academies, university professors, scientists, former Nobel laureates and members of parliamentary assemblies, among others, are asked to nominate candidates for the following year’s Nobel Prizes. These nominees are selected in such a way that more and more countries and universities are represented over time,” the organization explained on its website.

After receiving all nominations, the Nobel Committees of the four prize-awarding institutions are responsible for selecting the candidates. As a policy, the organization states that the names of nominees cannot be revealed until 50 years later. However, some names, such as the case of Petro, are known because they have been disclosed by the person who nominated them.

“I thank Rasmus Hanson for nominating me for the Nobel Peace Prize. We will continue to do whatever we can for the peace of Colombia”, was the reaction of the Colombian President upon learning that his name had been nominated.

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Who is the Norwegian deputy who nominated Petro for the Nobel Peace Prize?

Rasmus Hansen, 69, is one of three Norwegian representatives for the Green Party. From a very early age, when he completed his bachelor’s degree in biology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, he became an environmental activist, a role for which he is still recognized today.

After graduating he devoted himself to education at the Norwegian Polar Institute, where he directed numerous studies on polar bears, reindeer, walruses and other animals from the 1970s to the late 1990s.

“I also spent time working for NORAD, the Norwegian development organization. “I was the first chief of the Wildlife and Forestry Section, and then I was the chief of the Environment Section at NORAD,” he said in an interview.

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Then, in 2000, he became the leader of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Norway, and in 2012 he jumped into politics with the Green Party.

He was the only Green candidate to win the seat in the 2013 elections, and became that party’s first representative in Parliament, which later allowed him to become spokesperson for the Greens.

“Many young academics worry that they are not suitable for politics. But nothing can make you an environmental politician better than combining biology with an understanding of society. Not many people have that combination,” he said in 2019 when asked about biologists and ecologists making politics.

Hansson is now re-elected in 2021 alongside two other Green MPs: Une Aina Bastholm and Lan Marie Berg, with whom she promotes public policies aimed at combating climate change and saving polar bears, the latter flag. He is bringing it from his time. Academy.