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Who is the “godfather” of artificial intelligence and what is his black warning after leaving Google

Hinton75, said that very soon it will be a reality that seriously survivor riskglue What will happen to humans when thousands of machines will have their own knowledge instantly due to artificial intelligence make decisions we can no longer control?” he launched as a final warning.

Out of control intelligence

Geoffrey Hinton I work in Google since 2013. But he submitted his resignation because he, like some others, saw danger on his hands. and nothing is more adjusted to reality than he has been one of the men who have contributed most to the development of the world artificial intelligence, Although guess what can happen when Machines think for themselves and can no longer be controlled decided to give big step aside With a caveat that shouldn’t be ignored.

Hinton won the Turing Award at the 2018 Nobel Prize for Computing and Information Technology. (Photo:

a few days ago new York Times wrote a letter announcing his decision to withdraw from Google and project “forage with the machine i a (artificial intelligence) that it evolves to compete chatgpt,

Hinton says we’re about to cross a point “no return“. Despite the development of this time, man is still smarter than the machine GPT3 Chat and development 4. But it is only a matter of time and it has accelerated. ,Saint “They thought it might happen in 30 or 50 years, although it won’t happen that soon. And that’s the danger. If you don’t act now there won’t be time to set up any controls or borders.

The machines would be able to replicate instantly in series, just like any computer or device. only that i a will “learn” and one day be able to make decisions Humans no longer need to “counsel”,

Therefore Geoffrey Hinton makes the sinister argument: “All these copies can be learned separately but Share your knowledge instantly, So it’s like you have 10,000 people and every time one person learns something, everyone automatically knows. chatbots will know more than anyone,

Machines will know and do more, in less time draw better and faster conclusions From the sum of the “best human minds”. What will happen then? And if they decide humans are a nuisance?

Another threat: AI in “bad hands”

It’s an equally complicated version of the same problem. Hinton suggests that this can happen when artificial intelligence is developed by people without any doubt or limitation. For example, a dictator. with an army of machines AI would like to control everything that comes to mind: idea, opponent, other country or the whole planet.

But this in itself pandora’s box“. Machines can have their own “celebration“, different from his “master”. Don’t answer him anymore and also decide to eliminate him.

It is time to act in defense of humanity, he claims.

“Nobel Prize in Programming and Computer Science”

In the year 2018, Hinton won – in a shared manner – Turing Award. It also bears that name in honor of the British alan turing Responsible for organizing algorithms in computing. believed to be a prize Nobel Prize for Informatics and Computing. With all that stuff, one of the most admired people in the world said “it just is,

The way they look at their own development is very worrying.

“Right now, what we’re seeing are things like GPT-4 that dwarf a person in the amount of common sense they have and dwarf them by a lot. In terms of logic, it’s not that good, but it is already.” Warned about a future that is waiting just around the corner.

this day, Elon Musk, Returned to another recommendation along the same lines. Megamillionaires created the company they grew chatbot, but left OpenAI same as the step you just took Hinton. Musk He took part in a letter signed by 1,000 personalities, which called for six months to stop the development of various types of AI so as not to risk losing control. But the alarm level has just been raised: even with agreement to these self-regulating parameters, the risk of releasing an unstoppable monster is already latent.

“A much better system than the brain”

This is what any parent would expect from the teacher of their children or their students. that one day they will overtake them, It is already happening and soon it will be completely done. Only this time it might be like bringing to life the worst nightmare for the human species: created the means for his own extinction.

“Looking at the rate of progress, we expect things to improve very quickly. that’s why we should worry about Stopped “The Godfather” and Google closed the door,

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