Who is the young woman who loves Diego Torres?


Diego Torres and Débora Bello have been together for almost two decades, and as a result of that relationship, Nina was born, the couple’s only daughter. In 2020, the singer and the model decided to get married to seal their love in an intimate wedding on a paradise beach. However, a year later, the artist confirmed his separation from the mother of his successor.

Time passed, and the singer-songwriter once again bet on the love of a young woman named Martina Díaz. yes ok, Diego Torres He is not very good at showing his personal life. In the last recital given by the son of Lolita Torres at the Movistar Arena, several times the cameras focused on the girl, who sang directly. In this way, the actor apparently whitewashed his courtship.

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In “Socios del Espectáculo,” Paula Varela gave some details about who the woman was in love with, Diego Torres, and featured some unpublished pictures of the couple. The panelist stated: “It seems that he gave Diego the points and told him: ‘Come on, we’re done and he told him to continue.’ The family already knows. “He organized his legal issues with his ex-partner, and he is waiting for her.”

The reporter added: “They met a few years ago when he was filming ‘Almost Legends.’ He was nearby, and they arrived at the place. They shared for a while, but nothing happened because he was in a relationship. After a while, when he was single, they met again. Martina Díaz is a real estate agent and a follower of singers.

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Who Is The Young Woman Who Loves Diego Torres?
Photo published by Estefi Berardi, where the new couple is seen together.
Who Is The Young Woman Who Loves Diego Torres?
Little by little, Diego began to reveal himself to Martina.

Diego Torres sings with his nephews

Diego Torres He premiered a new song titled “The Laws of Life,” but this time the song has a particularity, and that is that the artist sang it with two of his nieces, Benjamín and Angela Torres. From the record company Sony, they stated, “This is a family effort to caress the most delicate fibers that are more sensitive during the end-of-year holidays. By combining his voice with those of his nieces and Argentine artists, Ángela Torres and Benja Torres, Diego created a balm and highlighter. It’s the best way to remember what’s important.”

Who Is The Young Woman Who Loves Diego Torres?
The Torres clan delighted the public with a new song.

The composer, for his part, said: “Working with Ángela and Benja was the best gift that music could give me this year. Kicking off the year-end festivities with them on stage was a real privilege. Even more if it is a song that draws attention to the passing of time and the importance of living it in love and with family.”

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