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Why America’s Cold Is Deadly: What is the Human Body Temperature?

  • When body temperature drops, the heart, nervous system and other organs do not function normally.

  • Hypothermia is a medical emergency that occurs when the body loses heat faster than it produces it.

  • Death from freezing can occur even if the body is not actually frozen

causes cold the body reduces its blood flow, when it’s intense Organs do not function properly. A condition that can lead to death.

so in north america Alarms have gone off. Officials are warning of danger, it’s not just that it’s going to be cold, with a thermal sensation down to -50 (below zero) in some areas, it’s also Risk of frostbite and hypothermia.

How long can you survive in the cold?

lack of warm blood can cause frostbite But death from freezing can occur even if the body is not actually frozen.

average body temperature is 37º centigrade when it goes down You are suffering from hypothermia under the age of 35 and it can kill you. If, in addition, the outdoor temperature If it is less than 30 degrees then you have to be alert. The situation is even worse with humidity.

body loses heat About 25 times faster in water, or when wet (rain or any other reason), It is known that with less than 2 degrees of water in the body It lasts no more than 45 minutes. Between 2 and 5 degrees survives less than one and a half hours and between 5 and 10 degrees the body can survive only for three hours.

Only one person (Swedish radiologist Anna Begenholm) is known to have survived 13.7 °C hypothermia. Begenholm was trapped in space after an accident in 1999 Over 80 minutes in cold water under a layer of ice. He suffered cardiac arrest but managed to survive, although he was left with sequelae. His was an exception that is still being studied 25 years later.

,a healthy person at minus 34ºC, not dressed properly for cold, You can experience hypothermia in less than 10 minutes. Hypothermia at minus 40 can appear in just 5 to 7 minutes.” explains Dr. Robert Glatter of Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, in a LiveScience article.

body temperature 35ºC is already considered dangerous. Below 32 degrees, symptoms can be fatal, as the body is no longer able to maintain the response to generate heat., That is, the coldness or shivering is no longer present. when body temperatureAt degrees below 27ºC, the person is clinically dead.

fatal hypothermia

Hypothermia is a medical emergency that occurs when The faster the body produces heat, the faster it loses it. That causes a dangerous drop in body temperature,” they explain at the Mayo Clinic.

When body temperature drops, The heart, nervous system, and other organs do not function normally, If left untreated, hypothermia can occur Heart and total respiratory system failure and finally to death.

too young and too old run increased risk of hypothermia because their heart muscles are weaker

How do you know you have hypothermia?

a person with hypothermia, usuallye is unaware of the condition as symptoms are usually progressive

Therefore, you should be aware of the following symptoms:

  • shaking chills They are the first thing you notice when the temperature starts to drop because they are the body’s automatic defense against low temperatures in order to warm up.
  • Stuttered or stammered speech.
  • slow, shallow breathing.
  • weak pulse
  • Clumsiness or lack of coordination.
  • drowsiness or very little energy
  • DIsolation or memory loss.
  • fainting.
  • bright red and cold skin (in infants).

“The thought related to hypothermia prevents confusion You know what is happening to you. Confused thinking can also lead to risky behavior,” they warn from the Mayo Clinic.

More than 45 million people from North Carolina to eastern Maine will try to insulate themselves from the cold these days.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has reported that the freezing temperature pThey could also make it feel -45 degree Celsius and -55 degreeIt’s on the weekend in some parts of the country.

“A wind chill of this magnitude can Can cause frostbite in less than 5 minutes if precautions are not takenYou could even reach hypothermia,” the weather service warned.

so the authorities recommend it Do not leave the house if it is not necessary, stock up on canned food, water and first aid supplies.

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